30 November 2020 to 4 December 2020
America/New_York timezone


There will also be an “Unconferencing” part of the meeting. Participants can propose topics prior to the session, up to the preparation session. The goal is to have a participant driven agenda and ensure groups talk about the things they want to talk about (not what the conference organizers thought they should talk about - therefore "unconferencing"). 

Please submit topics for discussion using this shared online form.

Room assignments will be announced after the 14:10 preparation session in WG2 Zoom on the Gather Town Map

There will then be a Zoom preparation session following the last working group to finalize topics and discuss the process. After the Zoom preparation participants will move to the Gather.Town conference space. The unconferencing itself will then be happening in breakout rooms in Gather.Town, which will be assigned by topic. The room assignments will be shown at the preparation session, and there will also be a map available that shows topic and breakout rooms. There is a helpdesk in Gather.Town where you can ask for directions. Discussion leaders (usually the person who suggested the topic) and participants will move to the designated breakout room and discuss the selected topic. Unlike the rest of the space, the breakout rooms are setup as plenary rooms, so everybody in the room can interact with everybody else.

This is a participant driven process. Feel free to switch topics, or spontaneously suggest new topics and find a space to discuss. If nobody shows up for a topic just go somewhere else. 

You can think about it as discussions with your colleagues that you have, for example, in the coffee break, except that you advertise the topic so others who are interested can join. 

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