30 November 2020 to 4 December 2020
America/New_York timezone

Junior Workshop

Monday, November 30 a Junior workshop will take place. This is a day entirely organized by students and postdocs for students and postdocs.

Junior Workshop Organizing Committee

  • Chowdhury Irin Sultana, Central Michigan University
  • Rahul Jain, Michigan State University
  • David Neto, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Nicole Vassh, University of Notre Dame


Hiring Survey 

Results from an anonymous survey of those with experience on hiring committees in academia, at national labs and research centers, as well as a few individuals in industry are available here.

IReNA Research Networks: Summaries and Contacts for Junior Researchers

Proposal Writing Example: Ed Brown's example pg 1 of a proposal

Additional Recommended Resources: Brian O'Shea's Academic Job Searches webpage

Junior Workshop Schedule

Time (ET) Session

Overview of JINA / IReNA  (Hendrik Schatz, MSU) (slides)


Scientific Writing Styles  (Ed Brown, MSU) (slides)


Applying to Jobs: Cover Letters and CVs  (Liz Loughran, ND Graduate Career Services) (slides)


Hiring Panel  (Jutta Escher, LLNL; Michael Smith, ORNL; Brian O'Shea, MSU; Filomena Nunes, MSU) (text of zoom chat Q&A)


Break in Gathertown


Scientific Communication  (Katie Yurkewicz, Head of Scientific and Technical Communications at ANL) (slides)


Transitioning to a new position: Graduate Student to Postdoc / Postdoc to Fellow  (Kevin Fossez, MSU/ANL) (slides)


Transitioning to a new position: Postdoc to Faculty  (Rana Ezzeddine, University of Florida)


Transitioning to a new position: Postdoc to Staff at a National Laboratory  (Stephanie Lyons, PNNL)


Transitioning to a new position: Postdoc to Industry  (Duane Lee, Starburst Data)


(Optional) Extra time for additional follow-up questions for Kevin, Rana, Stephanie and Duane




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