30 November 2020 to 4 December 2020
America/New_York timezone

Working Groups

WG1: Explosive nucleosynthesis

Almudena Arcones - TU Darmstadt, Germany
Artemis Spyrou - Michigan State University, US
Alexander Ji - Carnegie Observatories, US

Keywords: Heavy element nucleosynthesis r-, p-, nup-, i-processes with unstable nuclei, kilonovae, neutrino driven winds, explosive core collapse supernova nucleosynthesis

 WG2: Stellar burning

Andreas Best - University of Naples, Italy
Rana Ezzedine - University of Florida, US
Frank Timmes - Arizona State University, US

Keywords: Stellar evolution, binary evolution, inspiral with stars, common envelope, nucleosynthesis of <Fe elements, s-process, stardust

 WG3: Neutron stars and dense matter

Katerina Chatziiannou - Caltech, US  
Ingo Tews - LANL, US   
Luke Roberts - Michigan State University, US

Keywords: Neutron stars, dense matter, weak interactions, proto-neutron stars, core collapse physics, neutron star mergers

 WG4: Thermonuclear explosions

Claudia Travaglio - INAF Torino, Italy  
Duncan Galloway - Monash University, Australia   
Catherine Deibel - Louisiana State University, US 

Keywords: Accreting neutron stars including X-ray bursts, transients, and accreted crusts; type Ia supernovae, and novae

 WG5: Centers and diversity

Falk Herwig - University of Victoria, Canada 
Maria Lugaro - Konkoly Observatory, Hungary 

Keywords: Role of centers in nuclear astrophysics, diversity


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