30 November 2020 to 4 December 2020
America/New_York timezone

Gather Town

We will use the platform Gather.Town for our conference reception, coffee breaks and "unconferencing". This tool will allow us to interact with one another in small groups in a similar way as we would do in person! 

Click to view our detailed Gather Town User Guide

You can explore their website here, and even create your own small meeting room to practice. 

Click for a map of the JINA Horizons space

A link to the space will be provided via e-mail. 

Quick and short instructions: 
1) You must use a Chrome or Firefox browser
2) After entering you can move your avatar with arrow keys
3) If you are within the interaction radius of other persons a video connection opens
4) Designated private spaces (rooms, carpets, café tables) help define the interaction space to the people within the private area. Interactions just based on interaction radius can be ambiguous for larger groups (its for example possible, depending on each person’s location, that you can talk to two people who cannot talk to each other)
5) Ghost Mode: Keep "G" on your keyboard pressed while moving. You can move through people without interacting. 

Gather Town Help Team

Student volunteers will be scattered throughout the space to direct you where you need to go. They’ll be identified as HELP_name. Feel free to approach them (or chat with them if you don’t see their avatars around) if you need assistance:
Somdutta Ghosh, NCSU
Rahul Jain, MSU
Guy Leckenby, TRIUMF
Michelle Lee, UC Berkeley
Eliana Masha, Università degli studi di Milano
David Neto, UI Chicago
Irin Sultana, CMU
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