3-21 June 2019
Facility for Rare Isotope Beams
America/New_York timezone



Week 1: 3rd - 7th June 2019

 Problem 1 : solving the double differential equations with Numerov method 

Useful materials: Enhanced Numerov Method

                            Malfliet-Tjon III potential


                            Scattering wave function with Malfliet-Tjon potential

                            phase shifts Malfliet-Tjon

Problem 2: solving the double differential equations with R-matirx/Lagrange Mesh method

Useful materials:  Coulomb Functions

                             Gaussian Quadratures

                             Intro to LAPACK: test code for eigenvalue





For complex interactions, use Eq.  (3.90) of Descouvemont_2010_Rep._Prog._Phys._73_036301.pdf

Working code for Numerov method

Working code for R-Matrix/Lagrange Mesh method


Week 2: 10th - 14th June 2019

Problem 3 :  Use fresco to calculate phase-shift with Malfliet-Tjon III potential

 Useful materials: FRESCO web

FRESCO input example


Problem 4


Problem 5 : crb-hwk-2-soln.pdf


Problem 6 : crb-hwk-3-soln.pdf crb-hwk-3.tar


Problem 7 :  AZURE2 code 

Amirikas et al. (1993).pdf Amirikas_pp.dat  Auchampaugh_12C_ntotal.dat  Auchampaugh et al. (1979).pdf Burtebaev.dat Burtebaev et al. (2008).pdf  Chow et al. (1975).pdf  Chow_pg0_90deg.dat  Chow_pg0_ang_dist.dat  Chow_pg1_90deg.dat  Chow_pg1_ang_dist.dat  Chow_pp.dat  Dangle et al. (1964).pdf  Harris et al. (1962).pdf  Harris_pp.dat  Meyer et al. (1976).pdf  meyer_lab.dat  Rolfs (1973).pdf  Rolfs and Azuma.pdf  Rolfs_FES.dat  Rolfs_GS.dat  rolfs_he.dat  vogl.dat  Vogl_jl_1963.pdf


Problem 8 : compute (d, p) using FRESCO

example input    Fresco Input Descriptions.pdf  kd02.zip




bound state wave function for 12C+n 13C_wave.dat

bound state wave function for n+p  d_wave.dat


Problem 9: crb-hwk-4.pdf


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