21-29 July 2022
US/Pacific timezone

Scientific Programme

Sessions at ND2022 will be organized into the following topics:

  • Nuclear reaction measurements

  • Nuclear mass, structure and decay measurements

  • Nuclear reaction and nuclear structure theory, models and codes

  • Fission

  • Spallation

  • Nuclear data for fusion

  • Nuclear data for astronomy and cosmology

  • Nuclear data for space exploration

  • Experimental facilities

  • Integral experiments and validation

  • Nuclear data for reactors

  • Other (non-reactor) applications of nuclear data

  • Medical isotope properties and production

  • Particle therapy

  • Nuclear data libraries, processing, adjustment, consistency

  • Evaluation methodology

  • Covariances and uncertainty quantification

  • Computational techniques and machine learning

  • Thermal neutron scattering

  • Dissemination and formats

  • Education and outreach

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