21-29 July 2022
US/Pacific timezone

Instructions for presenters

The following instructions are for presenters of Contributed, Invited and Plenary talks.

  • Please ensure that your presentation is reviewed under the rules of your home organization, and that all appropriate markings are applied to ensure that the presentation may be shared in this open conference.
  • Materials should be uploaded to the website at least 24 hours before your presentation.  To upload material, log into the website and select 'My Contributions' from the tabs on the left side.  Select the appropriate contribution, then scroll to the bottom to find the 'Presentation Materials' section. You can upload files (.pptx or .pdf formatted files are preferred) and also upload links to recordings.
  • As a backup option in case of a network outage, we recommend creating a recording of your presentation. However, the indico website does not have sufficient bandwidth and storage to support uploading videos of all talks, so please DO NOT upload your recording on indico. Instead, please generate the recording following instructions below and then upload only the link to indico.  See below for more detailed instructions on creating and uploading recordings.

Instructions for uploading materials to indico:

  • Search through the list of contributions to find the appropriate one, then click on it.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the contribution details.  You should see a 'pencil' icon to the right side of the screen next to 'Presentation Materials'. Click that icon.  If you do not see the icon, please contact us at nd2022@llnl.gov.

  • Select 'Upload files', then either drag your file or use the 'Choose from your computer' option


Instructions for recording presentations:

There are several good options for creating a recording of your presentation.

  • https://www.panopto.com/, a website that supports recording your talk with or without video and then hosting it for others to view.  To start recording, visit that website with a supported browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox or Edge) and ensure the browser has permission to record the screen and access the microphone. You can then select an application or window to share and click 'Record' to start a recording. Once the recording is complete you can choose to host it directly on panopto.com or send it to youtube.com. To share the video from panopto, go to 'My Folder' on the website, select the recording and choose the 'Share' option. You may have to enable public sharing, then you can generate a link to the recording that can be uploaded on indico.
  • Recording in Zoom, following the instructions here. This creates a .mp4 file that you can download and then upload onto youtube or another video streaming platform. To host a video on youtube, create a free account on youtube.com, log in and click the 'Create' button on the upper right to upload a video. Once the video is uploaded you can share the link as another attachment to your contribution on the indico website.
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