21-29 July 2022
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Solid $^3$He target for nuclear reactions: H+$^3$He differential elasticscattering cross-section from 1.5 to 4.5 MeV

28 Jul 2022, 12:18
Folsom ()



Francisco Javier Ferrer Fernandez


Due to the introduction of several novel applications of He implantation, e.g. in materials of future fusion reactors [1 and in optical waveguides [2, 3], the need for elemental analysis of helium has recently increased dramatically. Depth profiling of helium can be realized by several ion beam analysis methods. Proton elastic backscattering spectrometry (p-EBS) is a basic method for such analyses [4, 5]. Ion beam analysis methods strongly rely on the available cross-section data, and the accuracy of IBA methods cannot exceed that of the available cross-sections. Consequently, precise cross-section curves are required in order to obtain reliable results with IBA. A large number of excitation functions for nuclear reactions relevant to IBA have been measured and are compiled in IBANDL at www.nds.iaea.org/ibandl/. This database reveals a lack of data for the 3He(p,p)3He cross section. Only one serie of data appears at one angle (159.2°) in a limited range of energies (1520-2860 keV).
In this work we have measured the elastic scattering cross section using Si-3He targets developed by the NanoMatMicro group from the Institute of Materials Science. [7]. With these data we have propose completed the resonance of the elastic cross section in a range of energy from 1500 to 4500 keV at different angles (159, 165 and 150°) and we have compared with the scarce data in the literature.

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