21-29 July 2022
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The $^{35}$Cl(n,p)$^{35}$S cross section measured at n_TOF-CERN facility

27 Jul 2022, 11:36
Folsom ()



Hamza Amar


We present the results of the $^{35}$Cl(n,p)$^{35}$S cross section measurement using $^{10}$B(n,α)$^{7}$Li as reference at the n_TOF Experimental Area 2 (EAR-2) facility at CERN, providing data below 100 keV. On the one hand, this reaction is of interest in astrophysics as it is involved in the production of $^{36}$S, whose astrophysical origin remains unresolved [1], as well as the observed deviation from the solar $^{35}$Cl/$^{37}$Cl ratio in observations in carbon-rich AGB stars is matter of debate [2]. On the other hand, $^{35}$Cl is being also studied in medical physics. In Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT), $^{35}$Cl(n,p)$^{35}$S reaction is quite important because of their crucial contribution to the dose in healthy brain tissue [3,4], where the concentration of Cl is higher than in the rest of the body.

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