21-29 July 2022
US/Pacific timezone

Design and Simulation of a Next-Generation Dual n-gamma Detector Array at Los Alamos National Laboratory

26 Jul 2022, 12:03
Folsom ()



Eames Bennett


Measurements of neutron elastic scattering and angular distributions remain one of the largest uncertainties in simulations of fission-driven nuclear systems. Current experimental techniques are limited by issues arising from measuring only neutrons or gammas or, in the case where both particles are measured, the relatively small number of angles current dual n-gamma detectors are capable of covering. Next-generation elpasolite detectors offer near-perfect n-gamma pulse shape discrimination across a wide array of energies and the availability of these detectors in sufficient quantities make the construction of a large, highly-segmented detector array a possibility for the first time. Preliminary studies have isolated CLYC detectors as the ideal candidate for use in measuring neutron elastic scattering. We describe the mechanical design and simulation of the Correlated gamma-neutron Array for sCattering (CoGNAC) utilizing these detectors currently under development at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Additionally, we discuss the results of an initial experimental campaign on $^9$Be, $^{27}$Al, and $^{56}$Fe utilizing a partially completed CoGNAC in conjunction with Chi-Nu’s existing array of 54 liquid scintillator detectors.

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