8-10 August 2022
TCS Conference Center
America/Chicago timezone

Site Access

You will need a gate pass or an Argonne/ATLAS user badge to enter the Argonne campus. If you do not have a valid badge to come on site, please follow the instructions below, depending on your situation. For more information of on-site entry requirements please visit: https://www.anl.gov/site-entry-requirements 

· Current ATLAS users with expired badges or badges expiring before the workshop: Please email Barb Weller to renew your ATLAS user badge.

· US citizens with no Argonne/ATLAS user badge: Please email Barb Weller and let her know the dates of your visit.

· Non US citizens with no Argonne/ATLAS user badge: Please inform Barb Weller of your citizenship and complete the site access/gate pass application HERE. Under Sponsor/Host, enter Barb Weller’s address (bweller@anl.gov) and click on “Verify Sponsor E-mail.” You will then be directed to a registration form to complete. Once completed, please click on “Submit Visitor Registration” and she will be notified of your submission. Note: Please fill in your Education Background completely (list all degrees, even those prior to PhD). Also, for title, position, or description of duties, you can use simply professor, scientist, researcher, etc. (no long description of duties required). You will also be required to provide passport and visa information and upload a current CV.

Because of new DOE/Laboratory policies, workshop attendees who are not US citizens must submit an up to date Curriculum Vitae during the gate pass application process. Laboratory guidelines state that: "CV's must provide all science and technology specialties, all work positions with no gaps in time, and current/accurate names of all academic institutions attended." If you have any questions, please email Barb Weller.

Please note that for most non US citizens, processing site access applications takes about 10 days. We encourage you to do this as soon as is practical.

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