Correlations in Multi-neutron decays Around the Dripline

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640 S. Shaw Ln, E. Lansing, MI 48834
Belen Monteagudo (FRIB), Thomas Redpath (FRIB)

Topic: Prospects for future studies of neutron-unbound systems and correlations in multi-neutron decays around the dripline

The Neutron-Unbound Systems Around the Dripline workshop is a scientific program for multi-neutron decays hosted by the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams / National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (FRIB/NSCL) at Michigan State University (MSU).

Studies of near-dripline, neutron-unbound systems (ND-NUS) provide important insights that help develop our descriptions of atomic nuclei. This workshop will provide opportunities to review recent investigations and discuss future work in this exciting field.

Session Topics

  • Nuclear structure and the continuum
  • Measurements and interpretations of 2n emission
  • The tetraneutron and many-body decays
  • Advances in detector systems

Topics for discussion

  • Recent measurements and state of the art techniques for measuring ND-NUS. What challenges will be involved with future measurements?
  • Ideas for improving detectors, analysis methods, etc.
  • State of the art theoretical models and tools for interpreting measurements of ND-NUS. What challenges are involved in modeling these systems and how can future measurements provide input?
  • Continued discussions of n-n correlations extended to the context of four- and higher-body decays of these systems
  • Possible collaborations (theory + experiment) for studying ND-NUS

Recent technical developments from collaborations that undertake invariant mass spectroscopy of neutron unbound systems, e.g. SAMURAI, R3B, and MoNA, combined with increasingly high intensity exotic beams, have opened the road toward improved measurements of nuclei near and beyond the neutron dripline. Such capability will allow for detailed spectroscopic studies of neutron-unbound systems and the mechanisms by which they decay. In particular, experimental investigations of multi-neutron correlations may shed light on the role of multi-nucleon interactions and resonant and non-resonant particle continuum in the structure of extremely neutron-rich nuclei which can aid in the development of nuclear interaction models. This workshop will provide opportunities to continue discussions from the Nuclear Physics at the Edge of Stability (NPES) workshop (June 28 - July 1, 2021). We highly recommend participation in NPES. Following this, we would like to welcome the entire community to discuss recent results and future developments specific to systems near the neutron-dripline, from both the experimental and theoretical perspectives.

  • Abdou Chbihi
  • Achim Schwenk
  • Adam Hayes
  • Adriana Banu
  • Aldric REVEL
  • Alejandro Sonzogni
  • Alex Brown
  • Alvaro Tolosa-Delgado
  • Anatoli Afanasjev
  • Andras Kruppa
  • Andrea Horvat
  • Andrea Munroe
  • Andrei Andreyev
  • Andrew Wantz
  • Angela Bonaccorso
  • Anisur Rahaman
  • Anthony Kuchera
  • Arafa Holaisi
  • Atsumi SAITO
  • Augusto Macchiavelli
  • Baishan Hu
  • Belen Monteagudo Godoy
  • Calem Hoffman
  • Carlos Bertulani
  • Clementine Santamaria
  • Cristina Bordeanu
  • Cyril Lenain
  • Dana Abdallah
  • Daniel Galaviz
  • Daniel Votaw
  • Dean Lee
  • Desa Jelavic Malenica
  • Dong Bai
  • Emiko Hiyama
  • Gerd Roepke
  • Gustav R Jansen
  • Hamlet Mkrtchyan
  • Hao Tran
  • Hasan Maridi
  • Hossein Mahzoon
  • Jagjit Singh
  • Jeffrey Tostevin
  • Jenna Ocheltree
  • Jeremy Hallett
  • Jerome Mathew Kovoor
  • Jesús Casal
  • Jie Chen
  • John "ned" Kelley
  • Jordan Purcell
  • Joseph Natowitz
  • Joshua Wylie
  • Julian Kahlbow
  • Julien Gibelin
  • Kaitlin Cook
  • Kevin Fossez
  • Kristina Launey
  • Krzysztof Rykaczewski
  • Lucas Platter
  • Luis Mario Fraile
  • Luiz Paulo de Oliveira
  • Lynda Achouri
  • Marco Cortesi
  • Maya WALLACH
  • Meytal Duer
  • Morten Hjorth-Jensen
  • Nabin Rijal
  • Natalia de Lima Calleya
  • Nathan Frank
  • Nicholas Mendez
  • Nigel Orr
  • Noritaka Kitamura
  • Paul DeYoung
  • Paul Fallon
  • Paul Gueye
  • Peter Salamon
  • Priya Sharma
  • Rebeka Sultana Lubna
  • Robert Charity
  • Rodolfo Id Betan
  • Samuel Baker
  • Santosh Chakraborty
  • Silvia Murillo Morales
  • Simin Wang
  • Sonja Storck-Dutine
  • Soumendu Bhattacharjee
  • Stefanos Paschalis
  • Sunji Kim
  • Takashi Nakamura
  • Thomas Aumann
  • Thomas Baumann
  • Thomas Redpath
  • Tianheng Huang
  • Tom Drake
  • Toshio Suzuki
  • Ushasi Datta
  • Valérian Girard–Alcindor
  • Warren Rogers
  • Willem Dickhoff
  • Witold Nazarewicz
  • Wolfgang Mittig
  • Xesus Pereira-Lopez
  • Xinyi Wang
  • Yosuke Kondo
  • Zhihuan Li
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