Thursday (3/21):

John Bartholomew - Caltech - Quantum technologies using rare-earth ions in crystals

Sean Liddick - MSU - Detectors for Nuclear Science

David Hucul - Army Research - 133Ba+: high fidelity goldilocks qubits

Matt Redshaw – CMU - Ion Trapping for Mass Measurements in Nuclear Physics

Noah Oblath - PNNL - Quantum Sensing for the Project 8 Experiment

Brent VanDevender - PNNL - Environmental Radiation and Coherence Times in
Superconducting Qubits

Michael Bishof - ANL - Detecting single krypton atoms to determine groundwater age

Friday (3/22):

Johannes Pollanen – MSU - Hybrid quantum systems based on electrons on helium and superconducting qubits

Chase Boulware – Niowave - High-quality factor three-dimensional superconducting resonators for quantum information science

Siqi Li - SLAC - Electron ghost imaging

Olivier Pfister - Virginia - Experimental quantum sensing and quantum computing with the quantum optical frequency comb (PDF)

Kei Minamisono - MSU – Laser spectroscopy on short-lived isotopes (PDF)

Tim Chupp - Michigan – (quantum sensing in EDM experiments)

Tyler Cocker - MSU – (high resolution ultrafast sensing)


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