15th International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology (ND2022)

from Thursday, 21 July 2022 (06:00) to Friday, 29 July 2022 (18:00)

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21 Jul 2022
22 Jul 2022
25 Jul 2022
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27 Jul 2022
28 Jul 2022
29 Jul 2022
Chair / host training (until 07:00) (Sacramento)
06:00 Session chair training   (Sacramento)
Speaker ready room (until 10:00) (American River)
Special Session on Nuclear Science Essentials (until 16:00) (Sacramento)
09:00 Nuclear Data Pipeline - Jo Ressler (LLNL)   (Sacramento)
10:00 --- Break ---
10:05 Accelerator-based experiments for nuclear data and applications - Richard Hughes (LLNL)   (Sacramento)
11:05 --- Break ---
11:20 Nuclear Reactions & Applications - Brett Carlson   (Sacramento)
12:20 --- Lunch ---
13:20 Basics of Nuclear Fission - Ramona Vogt (LLNL, UC Davis)   (Sacramento)
14:20 --- Break ---
14:30 Machine Learning for Nuclear Data - Denise Neudecker   (Sacramento)
15:30 Open discussion   (Sacramento)
Plenary Session - Caleb Mattoon (LLNL) (until 07:15) (Sacramento)
06:00 Welcome address - Kim Budil (LLNL)   (Sacramento)
06:15 Nuclear Science: Meeting the Challenges of the Future - William D. Magwood (NEA Director General)   (Sacramento)
07:15 --- Break ---
Plenary Session - Ramona Vogt (until 09:00) (Sacramento)
07:30 Overview of Recent Advances in Experimental Capabilities - Alexandra Gade (FRIB)   (Sacramento)
08:00 Recent Advances in Nuclear Theory and Astrophysics - Karl-Heinz Langanke (GSI)   (Sacramento)
08:30 Facilitating Rapid Provenance Assessment using Intentional Nuclear Forensics Approaches - Naomi Marks (LLNL)   (Sacramento)
09:00 --- Break ---
Fission - Amy Lovell (LANL) (until 11:00) (American River)
09:30 New developments in fission studies within the time-dependent density functional theory framework - Aurel Bulgac   (American River)
09:54 Influence of fission fragment distributions on prompt emission quantities - Anabella Tudora   (American River)
10:06 Fission yield model for astrophysical use based on the four-dimensional Langevin model - Chikako Ishizuka   (American River)
10:18 Langevin approach to fission dynamics with Cassini shape parameterization - Kazuki Okada   (American River)
10:30 Microscopic simulation of symmetric boost fission with antisymmetrized molecular dynamics - Jingde Chen Satoshia Chiba   (American River)
10:42 Modeling the angular momentum removal from fission fragments - Ionel Stetcu   (American River)
Libraries - Osamu Iwamoto (JAEA) (until 11:00) (Delta King)
09:30 The TENDL library: progress, success, and lessons learned - Dr Arjan Koning (IAEA)   (Delta King)
09:54 ACEMAKER: A processing system for producing ACE-formatted files for Monte Carlo calculations - Mr Daniel Lopez Aldama (IAEA/Consultant)   (Delta King)
10:06 GIDI+: a GNDS 2.0 suite of C++ APIs to access nuclear and atomic data for use in neutronic transport codes. - Bret Beck (LLNL)   (Delta King)
10:18 Current status of the GALILEE-1 processing code - Dr Cédric Jouanne (CEA Saclay)   (Delta King)
10:30 Getting NJOY ready for ENDF/B-VIII.1 - Wim Haeck (LANL)   (Delta King)
10:42 The current status of nuclear data processing code NECP-Atlas - Dr Tiejun Zu (Xi'an Jiaotong University)   (Delta King)
Machine Learning - David Regnier (CEA) (until 11:00) (Sutter's Fort)
09:30 Deep Learning applied to Capture Cross Section Data Analyisis - Adrian Sanchez Caballero   (Sutter's Fort)
09:54 Quantum computing calculations for nuclear structure and nuclear data - Isaac Hobday   (Sutter's Fort)
10:06 Improved calculations of Maxwellian-averaged \textit{n}-capture cross sections using machine learning for intentional forensics and astrophysics - Amber Lauer-Coles   (Sutter's Fort)
10:18 Automated Nuclear Data Evaluation Tool; Nonconvex Decomposition Method for Resonance Regression and Uncertainty Quantification - Noah Walton (University of Tennessee)   (Sutter's Fort)
10:30 (WITHDRAWN) Automated grouping of spatially distributed detectors in neutron time-of-flight experiments based on multivariate similarity - Jose I. Robledo   (Sutter's Fort)
10:42 Scalable Risk-Informed Predictive Maintenance Strategy for Operating Nuclear Power Plants - Vivek Agarwal   (Sutter's Fort)
Measurements - Mark Chadwick (LANL) (until 11:00) (Folsom)
09:30 Experimental activities and plans at the neutron time-of-flight facility n_TOF at CERN - The n_TOF Collaboration Alberto Mengoni   (Folsom)
09:54 Measurement of the $^{35}$Cl radiative neutron capture cross section at the n_TOF facility, CERN - The n_TOF Collaboration Sam Bennett   (Folsom)
10:06 New perspectives for neutron capture measurements in the upgraded CERN-n_TOF Facility - Jorge Lerendegui The n_TOF Collaboration   (Folsom)
Medical Applications - Toni Kogler (until 11:00) (Capitol)
09:30 Investigating the production of medical imaging radioisotopes using laser-accelerated protons. - Mr Juan Peñas   (Capitol)
09:54 Determination of positron emission probability in the decay of 86Y - Dr M. S. Uddin (Institut für Neurowissenschaften und Medizin, INM-5:Nuklearchemie, Forschungszentrum Jülich, D-52425 Jülich, Germany; Tandem Accelerator Facilities, INST, Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh) Dr Shamsuzzoh Basunia (Nuclear Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California 94720, USA)   (Capitol)
10:06 Mesurement of the 160Gd(n, γ) cross section at n_TOF and its medical implications - and the n_TOF Collaboration Dr Mario Mastromarco (INFN and UniBa, Bari, Italy)   (Capitol)
10:18 Measurement of the 176Yb(n,γ) cross-section and its application to nuclear medicine - Mr Francisco García-Infantes (Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain; European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Geneva, Switzerland)   (Capitol)
Reactor Data - Dan Roubtsov (until 11:00) (Placerville)
09:30 From fission yield measurements to evaluation: correlations of multi-observable analysis - Grégoire Kessedjian (CEA Cadarache IRESNE/DER/SPRC/LEPh)   (Placerville)
09:54 Measurement of the fission yield of $^{136}$Cs in the $^{239}$Pu(n$_{\text{th}}$,f) reaction and its impact on the total dose rate calculation - Abdelaziz Chebboubi (CEA)   (Placerville)
10:06 Gamma ray spectrum measurement from capture reactions of Uranium-238 for thermal and resonance energy neutrons - Yasushi Nauchi (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)   (Placerville)
10:18 Measurement of 233U-HU Substitution Reactivity Worth in KUCA for Validation of 233U Nuclear Data - Prof. Tadafumi Sano (Kindai University)   (Placerville)
10:30 Fission Cross-section Measurement of U-233 with Time-of-Flight Method at the KURNS-LINAC - Jun-ichi Hori (Kyoto University)   (Placerville)
11:00 --- Break ---
Fission - Anton Tonchev (until 13:15) (American River)
11:45 Generation of Fragment Angular Momentum in Fission - Jorgen Randrup   (American River)
12:09 Novel Fully Microscopic Description of Fission: Odd-Even Staggering, Charge Polarization and Machine Learning - Marc Verriere   (American River)
12:21 Correlations of Gamma-Ray Emission Between Fission Fragments: Experimental and Theoretical Challenges - Stefano Marin   (American River)
12:33 Angular momentum of spherical fission products: experimental and theoretical aspects - Olivier Serot   (American River)
12:45 Fission In R-process Elements (FIRE) - Nicolas Schunck   (American River)
Libraries - Bret Beck (LLNL) (until 13:15) (Delta King)
11:45 Towards implementing new isotopes for environmental research: The half-life of $^{32}$Si - Mario Veicht (Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI); École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL))   (Delta King)
12:09 Validating Gamma-rays Produced in Nuclear Reactions - Isabel Hernandez   (Delta King)
12:21 Resolved Resonance Region Analysis of $^{206}$Pb, $^{207}$Pb, AND $^{208}$Pb in Support of Next Generation Lead-Cooled Fast Systems. - Peter Brain (RPI)   (Delta King)
12:33 Statistical Uncertainty Quantification of Probability Tables for Unresolved Resonance Cross Sections - Dr Kenichi Tada (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   (Delta King)
12:45 Updates and Validation for the n+63,65Cu Cross Sections - Jordan McDonnell (UT-Battelle)   (Delta King)
12:57 Results from the ARTIE experiment - Luca Pagani (UC Davis)   (Delta King)
Machine Learning - Amber Lauer-Coles (BNL) Cole Pruitt (until 12:45) (Sutter's Fort)
11:45 Where Could Compensating Errors Hide in ENDF/B-VIII.0? - Denise Neudecker   (Sutter's Fort)
12:09 Development of a New Fixed-source Sensitivity Tally Capability in the MCNP® Code - Michael Rising   (Sutter's Fort)
12:21 A Study of the Covariance Data in ENDF/B VIII.0 for Low Z Isotopes - Kent Parsons (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (Sutter's Fort)
12:33 Burnup Calculation Uncertainty Using Statistical Sampling Method - Xiaofei Wu   (Sutter's Fort)
Measurements - Keegan Kelly (LANL) (until 13:15) (Folsom)
11:45 History of fission nuclear data from 1939-1945 and evolution to today's understanding - Mark Chadwick   (Folsom)
12:09 Measurement of the $^{232}$Th/$^{235}$U fission cross section ratios at the Back-n white neutron source of CSNS - Zhizhou Ren   (Folsom)
12:21 Results on the $n+ ^{233}$U $\alpha$-ratio, prompt fission $\gamma$-ray spectra and isomeric fission states measured at n_TOF - Michael Bacak   (Folsom)
12:33 Towards the experimental validation of a small Time-Projection-Chamber for the quasi-absolute measurement of the fission cross section - Carole Chatel   (Folsom)
12:45 Measurement of neutron-induced fission cross sections of U-235 and U-238 relative to n-p scattering at CSNS Back-n facility - Yonghao Chen   (Folsom)
12:57 Method to Compare Fission-To-Scattering Ratios using Uranium-238 - Adam Daskalakis   (Folsom)
Particle Therapy - Shamsu Basunia (LBL) (until 13:21) (Capitol)
11:45 Nuclear fragmentation cross section measurements with the FOOT experiment - Roberto Zarrella (University of Bologna - INFN Bologna)   (Capitol)
12:21 Reaction cross sections of prompt-gamma and PET radioisotopes for range verification in proton therapy - Victor Valladolid Onecha (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)   (Capitol)
12:33 Multi-Feature Treatment Verification in Particle Therapy - Dr Toni Kögler (OncoRay – National Center for Radiation Research in Oncology)   (Capitol)
12:45 Ambient neutron dosimetry in particle therapy facilities - Ariel Tarifeno-Saldivia   (Capitol)
12:57 (WITHDRAWN) Nuclear data needs for the new era of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy - Ignacio Porras (Universidad de Granada (ES))   (Capitol)
Reactor Data - Robert Mills (until 13:15) (Placerville)
11:45 Beta spectrum shape studies for the predictions of the antineutrino spectrum from reactors - Gustavo Alcalá (Instituto de Física Corpuscular, CSIC-Univ. de Valencia, E-46071 Valencia, Spain.)   (Placerville)
12:09 Total absorption beta decay studies for reactor decay heat calculations - A Algora (1) Instituto de Física Corpuscular, CSIC-Univ. de Valencia, E-46071 Valencia, Spain)   (Placerville)
12:21 Neutron cross section measurements for burn-up credit approaches - Carlos Paradela (European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC))   (Placerville)
12:33 140,142Ce Neutron Cross Section Resolved Resonance Region Evaluation - Chris Chapman (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   (Placerville)
Facilities - Katelyn Cook (RPI) (until 07:30) (Sutter's Fort)
06:00 Back-n Facility Status and Recent Nuclear Data Measurements - J. Tang (CSNS/CADS/IHEP)   (Sutter's Fort)
06:24 Design, construction, commissioning and early operation of the third-generation n_TOF neutron spallation target at CERN - Michael Bacak   (Sutter's Fort)
06:36 Status and perspectives of the n_TOF Facility at CERN following the upgrades and consolidation during CERN’s Long Shutdown 2 - Alberto Mengoni   (Sutter's Fort)
06:48 Characterisation of the n_TOF/CERN 185m beam-line after the facility’s major upgrades - Michael Bacak   (Sutter's Fort)
07:00 Characterisation of the n_TOF 20 m beam line at CERN with the new spallation target - Jose Antonio Pavon Rodriguez (University of Seville and CERN)   (Sutter's Fort)
07:12 The n_TOF NEAR Station: Physics case and commissioning - Mrs Elisso Stamati   (Sutter's Fort)
Fission - Marc Verriere (until 07:30) (American River)
06:00 Dependence of TKE of fission fragments in neutron-induced fission on excitation energy by 4D Langevin mode - Kazuya Shimada   (American River)
06:12 New Results in the Modeling of Fission and Radiative Neutron Capture with FIFRELIN - Olivier Litaize (CEA)   (American River)
06:24 Determination of the Plasma Delay Time in PIPS detectors for fission fragments with the LOHENGRIN spectrometer - Ana Maria Gomez   (American River)
06:36 Simulation and design of a new ion guide for neutron-induced fission at the IGISOL facility - Zhihao Gao   (American River)
06:48 (WITHDRAWN) Simultaneous measurements of prompt fission γ-rays and neutrons with CLLBC detectors - Cristiano Lino Fontana   (American River)
Formats - Mike Herman (LANL) (until 07:30) (Delta King)
06:00 GNDS-2.0 - David Brown (NNDC, Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (Delta King)
06:24 WPEC SG50: Developing an Automatically Readable, Comprehensive and Curated Experimental Nuclear Reaction Database - Dr Amanda Lewis (Naval Nuclear Laboratory)   (Delta King)
06:36 Overview of experimental nuclear data from the n_TOF Collaboration - Emmeric Dupont (CEA)   (Delta King)
06:48 Dissemination of nuclear structure and decay data - Paraskevi Dimitriou (International Atomic Energy Agency)   (Delta King)
07:00 A decay database of coincident $\gamma/\gamma$ and $\gamma/X$-ray branching ratios for in-field applications - Dr Aaron Hurst (University of California, Berkeley)   (Delta King)
07:12 Overview of NNDC Web Services 2020-21 - Benjamin Shu   (Delta King)
Measurements - Gilles Noguere (CEA) (until 07:30) (Folsom)
06:00 First high-resolution $^{80}$Se(n,$\gamma$) cross section measurement between 1 eV and 100 keV and its astrophysical implications for the $s$-process - n_TOF collaboration Victor Babiano-Suarez   (Folsom)
06:24 The Stellar $^{72}\mathrm{Ge}(n,\gamma)$ Cross Section for weak s-process: A First Measurement at n_TOF - Mirco Dietz the n_TOF Collaboation   (Folsom)
06:36 Direct measurements of $^2$H(α, γ)$^6$Li cross section at Big Bang energies and the primordial lithium problem. - Gianpiero Gervino   (Folsom)
06:48 Stopping power of ions in matter: current status of experimental data and theoretical description - Claudia Montanari   (Folsom)
07:00 Hydrogen isotopes emissions from the nuclear muon capture reaction in silicon - Seiya Manabe   (Folsom)
Reactor Data - Luiz Leal (IRSN) (until 07:30) (Placerville)
06:00 Supplying Accurate Nuclear Data for energy and non-energy Applications – The SANDA Euratom project - Dr Enrique M. González Romero (CIEMAT)   (Placerville)
06:24 Testing the hypothesis of a universal behavior of the cross-section probability tables in the unresolved resonance region - Matteo Vorabbi (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (Placerville)
06:36 The effect of nuclear data uncertainties and sensitivities on the potential use of uranium nitride fuels in current and future light water reactors. - Dr Robert William Mills (UK National Nuclear Laboratory)   (Placerville)
06:48 Update of the CIELO $^{238}$U resonance evaluation to improve LWR performance with burnup - Roberto Capote (IAEA NDS)   (Placerville)
07:00 Target Accuracy Requirements for MYRRHA - Pablo Romojaro (SCK CEN)   (Placerville)
07:12 Methods for calculating self-shielded multigroup displacement damage cross section - Shengli Chen   (Placerville)
Space Applications - Ramona Vogt (LLNL) (until 07:30) (Capitol)
06:00 Nuclear Data Needs for Space Radiation Transport Calculations - Lawrence Heilbronn (University of Tennessee)   (Capitol)
06:24 Theoretical Calculations and Evaluations for n+28,29,30Si Reactions - Yue Zhang (中国原子能科学研究院) Mr Yinlu Han (中国原子能科学研究院)   (Capitol)
06:36 Total nuclear reaction cross-section database for radiation protection in space applications - Francesca Luoni (GSI, TUDa)   (Capitol)
06:48 Prospects for Measurements of Production Cross Sections of Light Nuclei at RHIC - Prof. Daniel Cebra (University of California, Davis)   (Capitol)
07:12 Stopping Power and Neutron Scattering Measurements in Support of Space Exploration - Prof. Lee Bernstein (LBNL/UCB)   (Capitol)
07:30 --- Break ---
Poster session (until 09:00) (Gold Rush)
07:45 Comparison of double-differential cross section between nuclear data library and experimental data for photoneutron production - Dr Kim Tuyet Tran (SOKENDAI)   (Gold Rush)
07:48 Activation Cross Section Measurement of the (n,2n) Reaction on 203Tl - Maria Diakaki (Department of Physics, National Technical University of Athens, Zografou campus, 15780 Athens, Greece) Maria Diakaki (Department of Physics, National Technical University of Athens, Zografou campus, 15780 Athens, Greece)   (Gold Rush)
07:51 Fusion excitation function studies in the reactions forming medium heavy compound system - Visakh A C (Central University of Kerala)   (Gold Rush)
07:54 Using Monte-Carlo method to analyze experimental data and produce uncertainties and covariances. - Dr Greg Henning (CNRS - IPHC)   (Gold Rush)
07:57 Experimental measurement of 183W(n, n’γ) and (n, 2nγ) cross sections (preliminary) - Greg Henning   (Gold Rush)
08:00 Experiment-based determination of the excitation function for the production of $^{44}$Ti in proton-irradiated vanadium samples - Mario Veicht (Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI); École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL))   (Gold Rush)
08:03 Measurement of differential and double differential cross-section for natural Gallium at 8.0 MeV neutrons - Hanxiong Huang (CIAE)   (Gold Rush)
08:06 Target mass dependence of photoneutron spectrum for 16.6MeV photons on medium-heavy mass targets - Toshiya Sanami (KEK/SOKENDAI)   (Gold Rush)
08:09 First on-beam measurements with the new detection system for the measurements of light-ion products of nuclear reactions induced by fast neutrons with energies from 18 to 33 MeV - Mr Martin Ansorge (Nuclear Physics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences)   (Gold Rush)
08:12 Time dependence of prompt fission $\gamma$-ray emission - Andreas Oberstedt (Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics)   (Gold Rush)
08:15 Prediction of prompt neutron spectra of the photon induced reactions on the 238U and 232Th targets at incident energies from 4 and 22 MeV - Anabella Tudora (University of Bucharest)   (Gold Rush)
08:18 Application of Multipole humped fission barriers in the Unified Hauser-Feshbach and Exciton Model for Fission Nuclei - Yuan Tian (China Institute of Atomic Energy)   (Gold Rush)
08:21 Role of transport coefficients in fission dynamics - Mr Kazuki Okada (Department of Pure and Applied Physics, Kansai University)   (Gold Rush)
08:23 Towards a Langevin Model for the Stochastic Dynamics of Nuclear Fission - Trevor Sprouse (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (Gold Rush)
08:25 Theoretical calculation and evaluation for n+232,234,236,237U reactions - Yinlu Han (China Institute of Atomic Energy)   (Gold Rush)
08:27 (WITHDRAWN) Improving the prediction of TSL on-the-fly based on deep neural networks using experimentally measured double differential data and dynamic structure factor - Vaibhav Jaiswal (Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN))   (Gold Rush)
08:29 Calculation of fission product mass distribution by using a semi-empirical model and neutron multiplicity data - Jounghwa Lee   (Gold Rush)
08:31 Thermal scattering libraries for cold and ultra-cold neutron reflector materials - Douglas Di Julio (European Spallation Source ERIC)   (Gold Rush)
08:33 The validation of S(α,𝛽) thermal neutron scattering libraries using pulsed-neutron die-away experiments - Mr Benjamin Wang (RPI)   (Gold Rush)
08:35 Evaluation of Thermal Neutron Scattering Law and Cross Sections for Calcium Hydride - Mr Benjamin K. Laramee (North Carolina State University)   (Gold Rush)
08:36 Validation of calculational determination of 18O(p,n) secondary neutron field - Marek Zmeškal (Research Centre Řež s.r.o.)   (Gold Rush)
08:37 (WITHDRAWN) Short-Lived Fission Product Yield Results At Oregon State University - Aaron Tamashiro (Oregon State University)   (Gold Rush)
09:00 --- Break ---
Facilities - Emilio Andrea Maugeri (PSI) (until 11:00) (Sutter's Fort)
09:30 (WITHDRAWN) Combining DICER and DANCE to Obtain Improved Neutron Cross Sections and Resonance Parameters for Very Small Samples - Paul Koehler (LANL)   (Sutter's Fort)
09:54 New Capabilities of the RPI Gamma-Multiplicity Detector to Measure Gamma Production - Katelyn Cook (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)   (Sutter's Fort)
10:06 Combining neutron/gamma radiography and tomography at CNA - Ms Maria de los Ángeles Millán Callado (Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA, CSIC-US-Junta de Andalucía) - Dpto. Física Atómica, Molecular y Nuclear (FAMN), Universidad de Sevilla (US))   (Sutter's Fort)
10:18 GENESIS: A $\gamma-n$ coincident spectrometer for nuclear data inquiry - Josh Brown (UC Berkeley)   (Sutter's Fort)
10:30 The new Device for Indirect Capture Experiments on Radionuclides at LANSCE: Efforts on measuring the resonance(s) responsible for the extremely large 88Zr(n,g) cross section - Thanos Stamatopoulos (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (Sutter's Fort)
Fission - Maria Anastasiou (LLNL) (until 11:00) (American River)
09:30 The fast neutron induced fission of actinide nuclei-TKE and Mass Distributions - Walter Loveland   (American River)
09:42 Experimental Prompt Fission Neutron Spectra for the $^{235,238}$U(n,f), $^{239}$Pu(n,f), and $^{240,242}$Pu(sf) Reactions - Matthew Devlin   (American River)
09:54 Fission Product Yields from Neutron-Induced Fission of Major Actinides at 6.5 MeV - Ronald Malone   (American River)
10:06 Measurement of Independent Fission Product Yields with SPIDER - Panagiotis Gastis   (American River)
10:18 The Extension of the Deterministic Hauser-Feshbach Fission Fragment Decay Model to Multi-chance Fission and its Extension to $^{239}$Pu - Amy Lovell   (American River)
Formats - Amanda Lewis (until 11:00) (Delta King)
09:30 Nuclear data activities for medium mass and heavy nuclei at Los Alamos - Matthew Mumpower (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (Delta King)
09:54 The National Nuclear Data Center is a Public Reusable Research (PuRe) Data Resource - David Brown   (Delta King)
10:06 Modernization efforts for the R-Matrix code SAMMY - Dorothea Wiarda (ORNL)   (Delta King)
10:18 239Pu R-matrix Analysis and Neutron Multiplicities in the Neutron Energy Region up to a few keVs - Dr Marco Pigni (ORNL)   (Delta King)
Measurements - Beatriz Jurado (until 11:00) (Folsom)
09:30 GRAPhEME: performances, achievements (@EC-JRC/GELINA facility) and future (@ GANIL/SPIRAL2/NFS facility) - Maelle Kerveno   (Folsom)
09:54 Activation Cross-Sections for Short-Lived Reaction Products on Hafnium Isotopes Induced by 1 – 20 MeV Neutrons - Valentina Semkova   (Folsom)
10:06 Cross Section Measurements and Theoretical Study of the $^{174,176}$Hf$(n,2n) ^{173,175}$Hf Reactions - Rosa Vlastou   (Folsom)
10:18 Transmission measurements of thick $^{\rm nat}$Fe targets at nELBE - Roland Beyer   (Folsom)
10:30 Measurement of Photoneutron Yields Using the RPI LINAC and Assessment of Evaluated Photoneutron Data for Tantalum and Beryllium - Brian Epping   (Folsom)
10:42 Thermal cross section measurements at the RPI LINAC - Dominik Fritz   (Folsom)
Nuclear Astrophysics - Lawrence Heilbronn (UTK) (until 11:06) (Capitol)
09:30 High precision re-determination of the half-lives of $^{146}$Sm, $^{148}$Gd, and $^{154}$Dy. - Nadine Mariel Chiera   (Capitol)
09:54 Neutron capture cross-section measurements of Mn-53 - Dr Rugard Dressler (Paul Scherrer Institute)   (Capitol)
10:06 $^{77,78}$Se(n,$\gamma$) and $^{68}$Zn(n,$\gamma$) Cross-section Measurements at n\_TOF Relevant for the Astrophysical $s$-process - Nikolay Sosnin (University of Edinburgh)   (Capitol)
10:18 Measurement of the 140Ce(n,γ) cross section at astrophysical energies at n_TOF - Simone Amaducci (Laboratori Nazionali del Sud (IT))   (Capitol)
10:30 (WITHDRAWN) New experimental decay data for nuclei around $^{78}$Ni and its astrophysical impact - Dr Alvaro Tolosa-Delgado (University of Jyvaskyla, Finland) BRIKEN collaboration BRIKEN collaboration (BRIKEN collaboration)   (Capitol)
Reactor Data - Grégoire Kessedjian (CEA) (until 11:06) (Placerville)
09:30 Photo-Disintegration of Deuterium: from Evaluations to Applications - Dr Danila Roubtsov (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL))   (Placerville)
09:54 Resonance Region Evaluation of O16 for Criticality Safety and Reactor Applications - Luiz Leal (IRSN)   (Placerville)
10:06 From $^{232}Th$ $(n,n’\gamma)$ cross sections to level production and total neutron inelastic scattering cross sections. - Nicolas Dari Bako (IPHC/CNRS)   (Placerville)
10:18 Neutrons propagation in Lead: a feasibility study for experiments in the RSV TAPIRO fast research reactor - Mrs Valentina Fabrizio   (Placerville)
10:30 Simultaneous evaluation of uranium and plutonium fast neutron fission cross sections up to 200 MeV for JENDL-5 - Dr Osamu Iwamoto (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) Dr Naohiko Otsuka (International Atomic Energy Agency)   (Placerville)
10:42 Theoretical calculation and evaluation for n+239,240,241,242,242m,243,244Am reactions - Yongli Xu   (Placerville)
10:54 Measurement of the delayed-neutron yield and group parameters in the thermal neutron induced fission of 239Pu - Pierre Leconte   (Placerville)
11:06 --- Break ---
Facilities - Yaron Danon (RPI) (until 12:45) (Sutter's Fort)
11:15 Improvement of targetry methods for nuclear data measurements - Emilio Andrea Maugeri (Paul Scherrer Institut)   (Sutter's Fort)
11:39 A next-generation neutron detector with interaction localization capabilities and its application to beta-delayed neutron spectroscopy - Noritaka Kitamura (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)   (Sutter's Fort)
11:51 Response of nuclear physics detectors to laser-driven neutrons at the PW DRACO laser facility - Ms María de los Ángeles Millán Callado (Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA, US - Junta de Andalucía - CSIC) - Universidad de Sevilla (US), Dpt. Física Atómica, Molecular y Nuclear (FAMN))   (Sutter's Fort)
12:03 Experimental evaluation of energy resolutions for pulsed neutron beam in the KURNS-LINAC - Mr Yasunori Matsuo (Kindai University)   (Sutter's Fort)
12:15 miniBELEN: a modular neutron long counter for (α,n) reactions - Nil Mont i Geli (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)   (Sutter's Fort)
Fission - Lucas Snyder (LLNL) (until 12:45) (American River)
11:15 Measurements of fission product masses and isotopic yields from $^{252}$Cf spontaneous fission at the FRS Ion Catcher - Yuval Waschitz   (American River)
11:39 Energy Dependent Fission Product Yields from Neutron Induced Fission - Anton Tonchev   (American River)
11:51 Measuring the $^{235}$U(n,f)/$^6$Li(n,t) cross section ratio in the NIFFTE fissionTPC - the NIFFTE Collaboration Maria Anastasiou   (American River)
12:03 Spectral averaged cross sections as a probe to a high energy tail of $^{235}$U PFNS - Martin Schulc   (American River)
Formats - Dorothea Wiarda (ORNL) (until 12:45) (Delta King)
11:15 Updates to the evaluation of neutron induced reactions on $^{56}$Fe target - Prof. Andrej Trkov (Jozef Stefan Institute)   (Delta King)
11:39 Bayesian network evaluation of neutron-induced reactions of Fe-56 - Georg Schnabel (IAEA)   (Delta King)
11:51 Limited confidence and overall consistency concepts in nuclear data evaluation - Mike Herman (LANL)   (Delta King)
12:03 Bayesian Monte Carlo Evaluation Framework for Imperfect Data and Models - Jesse Brown (ORNL)   (Delta King)
Measurements - Hye Young Lee (LANL) (until 12:45) (Folsom)
11:15 Indirect measurements of neutron-induced reaction cross-sections at storage rings - Beatriz Jurado   (Folsom)
11:39 Time-of-flight measurements of MINERVE samples containing fission products and neutron absorbing isotopes - Gilles Noguere   (Folsom)
11:51 Measurement of the $^{235}$U(n,f) cross section relative to the $^{10}$B(n,α) reaction with Micromegas detectors at the CERN n_TOF facility: first results - the n_TOF Collaboration Veatriki Michalopoulou   (Folsom)
12:03 Design and Simulation of a Next-Generation Dual n-gamma Detector Array at Los Alamos National Laboratory - Eames Bennett   (Folsom)
12:15 Measurement of the $^{233}$U(n,$\gamma$) cross section at LANSCE - Esther Leal Cidoncha   (Folsom)
Measurements - Adina Olacel (until 12:45) (Capitol)
11:15 First precise measurement of the U-235 neutron capture cross-section at thermal and sub-thermal neutron energies - Anton Wallner   (Capitol)
11:39 Neutron capture and total cross-section measurements on $^{94,95,96}$Mo at n_TOF and GELINA - the n_TOF Collaboration Riccardo Mucciola   (Capitol)
11:51 Radiative capture cross section measurements of $^{54}$Fe at the RPI LINAC - Sukhjinder Singh   (Capitol)
12:03 Measurement of neutron capture cross section and capture gamma-ray spectrum of Te-128 in keV-neutron energy region - Tatsuya Katabuchi   (Capitol)
12:15 Results of the $^{244}$Cm, $^{246}$Cm and $^{248}$Cm neutron-induced capture cross sections measurements at EAR1 and EAR2 of the n_TOF facility - Victor Alcayne the n_TOF Collaboration   (Capitol)
12:27 Neutron Capture Cross Section Measurement and Resonance Analysis of Pd-107 Using ANNRI at MLF/J-PARC - Hideto Nakano   (Capitol)
Theory/Codes - Ionel Stetcu (LANL) (until 12:45) (Placerville)
11:15 Evaluation of charged-particle reactions in the resolved resonance region - Ian Thompson   (Placerville)
11:39 Interchange, Extension, and Validation of R-matrix fits for gamma production - Ian Thompson (LLNL)   (Placerville)
11:51 Spin assignments of neutron resonances with Machine Learning - Gustavo Nobre (BNL)   (Placerville)
12:03 A novel R-matrix formalism for three-body channels - Mr Benedikt Raab (TU WIEN)   (Placerville)
Covariances - Oscar Cabellos (until 07:30) (Delta King)
06:00 (WITHDRAWN) Reactor Antineutrino Energy Spectra and Associated Uncertainties Using the GEF Model - Magali Estienne (Subatech)   (Delta King)
06:24 Toward an exact Bayesian inference of fission nuclear data - David Regnier   (Delta King)
06:36 Surrogate Modeling for Fission Cross Sections, Criticality Studies, and Uncertainty Quantification - Christian Brazell (Texas A&M University)   (Delta King)
06:48 Stochastically Estimated Fission Yield Covariance Matrices - Eric Matthews   (Delta King)
07:00 Uncertainty Quantification for Phenomenological Optical Potentials - Cole Pruitt (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   (Delta King)
Facilities -Dr Richard Hughes (LLNL) (until 07:30) (Sutter's Fort)
06:00 Nuclear Data Production System of RAON - Prof. Seung-Woo Hong (IBS/SKKU)   (Sutter's Fort)
06:24 Overview of Nuclear Data Production System at RAON - Dr Cheolmin Ham (Rare Isotope Science Project, Institute for Basic Science, Republic of Korea)   (Sutter's Fort)
06:36 Neutron monitoring detector system for Nuclear Data Production System of RAON - Mr Dal-Ho Moon (Sungkyunkwan University)   (Sutter's Fort)
06:48 Dead-Time correction method with pulse pile-up rejection for neutron TOF experiments - Atsushi Kimura (Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JP))   (Sutter's Fort)
07:00 JRC MONNET - the intense fast-neutron source for fundamental and application-driven research - Dr Cristiano Lino Fontana (European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC))   (Sutter's Fort)
Fission - Andrea Mattera (BNL) (until 07:30) (American River)
06:00 New measurement of the $^{235}$U($n_{\rm th}$,f) fission yields and development of a Time of Flight line at the LOHENGRIN spectrometer - Christophe Sage   (American River)
06:24 Measurement of $^6$Li(n,t) and $^{235}$(n,f) with cold neutrons - Pieter Mumm   (American River)
06:36 Charge polarization calculated with a microscopic model for the fission fragments of U-236 - Shuichiro Ebata   (American River)
06:48 Experimental determination of fission barrier parameters - Andreas Oberstedt   (American River)
Integral Measurements - Marie-Anne Descalle (LLNL) (until 07:30) (Capitol)
06:00 Outcomes of WPEC SG47 on »Use of Shielding Integral Benchmark Archive and Database for Nuclear Data Validation« - Ivan Alexander Kodeli (CCFE/UKAEA Abingdon)   (Capitol)
06:24 EUCLID: A New Approach to Improve Nuclear Data Coupling Optimized Experiments with Validation using Machine Learning - Jesson Hutchinson (LANL)   (Capitol)
06:36 Use of nickel sphere and copper cube with Cf-252 neutron source in the centre for test of nuclear data library ENDF/B-VII, ENDF/B-VIII, JEFF-3.3, BROND-3.1 and ROSFOND - Dr Bohumil Jansky (Research Centre Rez)   (Capitol)
06:48 Data Assimilation using Non-invasive Monte Carlo Sensitivity Analysis of Reactor Kinetics Parameters - Noah Kleedtke (LANL)   (Capitol)
07:00 (WITHDRAWN) Automation of Nuclear Data Validation through Integral Benchmarks - Cecile Toccoli   (Capitol)
Measurements - Frank Gunsing (CEA) (until 07:30) (Folsom)
06:00 The past and the future of the GAINS spectrometer @ GELINA - Dr Adina Olacel (Horia Hulubei National Institute for R&D in Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH))   (Folsom)
06:24 Measurements of $^{35}$Cl(n,x) reaction cross sections - Tyler Nagel   (Folsom)
06:36 Direct measurements of neutron-induced charged-particle reactions on radioactive $^{59}$Ni and $^{56}$Ni - Hye Young Lee   (Folsom)
06:48 A new measurement on $^{56}$Fe(n,inl) using GAINS at GELINA - Alexandru Negret   (Folsom)
07:00 Beta-delayed neutron emission - a new opening - Robert Grzywacz (University of Tennessee)   (Folsom)
Theory/Codes - Toshiiko Kawano (LANL) (until 07:30) (Placerville)
06:00 Microscopic description of target spin distribution afterinelastic scattering to the continuum - Marc Dupuis (CEA, DAM, DIF)   (Placerville)
06:24 Nuclear reaction modeling for neutron inelastic scattering process - Toshihiko Kawano (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (Placerville)
06:36 Present status of an R-matrix analysis code AMUR for cross-section evaluation in resolved resonance region - Satoshi Kunieda (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   (Placerville)
06:48 A new R-matrix module for multi-channel calculations with GECCCOS - Thomas Srdinko   (Placerville)
07:00 An assessment of neutron resonance data for mid-mass isotopes - James Benstead (AWE)   (Placerville)
07:12 Double-humped barrier effects in the R-matrix for fitting of fissile isotope - Dr Luiz Leal (IRSN)   (Placerville)
07:30 --- Break ---
Covariances - Kent Parsons (LANL) (until 09:15) (Delta King)
07:45 Impact of uncertainties on non-LWR reactivity analysis with ENDF/B-VII.0, ENDF/B-VII.1 and ENDF/B-VIII.0 - Friederike Bostelmann (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   (Delta King)
08:09 Towards an ENDF/B-VIII.0-Based Processed Covariance Library at LANL - Nathan Gibson   (Delta King)
08:21 EMU: Evaluated Means and Uncertainties - Kyle Wendt (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   (Delta King)
08:33 Uncertainty Considerations that Impact the Use of Dosimetry Metrics in Modern Semiconductors - Patrick Griffin   (Delta King)
08:45 Study of nuclear data measurement with covariances and uncertainty quantification - Mr Aman Gandhi (Department of Physics, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221005, India)   (Delta King)
Facilities - Josh Brown (UC Berkeley) (until 09:15) (Sutter's Fort)
07:45 The Modular Cosmic Ray Detector (MCORD) at physics and astrophysics experiments. - Dr Marcin Bielewicz (National Centre for Nuclear Research)   (Sutter's Fort)
08:09 Gamma-ray Beamline SLEGS at Shanghai Light Source - Mr Gongtao Fan (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences)   (Sutter's Fort)
08:21 Laser Compton Slant-scattering and Double Collimator System at SLEGS of Shanghai Light Source - Gongtao Fan (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences)   (Sutter's Fort)
08:33 Nuclear data at GELINA: from experiment to production and validation of evaluated data - Andreea Oprea   (Sutter's Fort)
08:45 First results of the Neutrons For Science Facility - Xavier Ledoux (Ganil)   (Sutter's Fort)
08:57 Simulation of the neutron-physical characteristics of the subcritical facility Yalina - Ms Tamara Korbut (Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research - Sosny)   (Sutter's Fort)
Fission - Denise Neudecker (LANL) (until 09:15) (American River)
07:45 (WITHDRAWN) Isomeric yield ratio measurements from $^{232}$Th($\alpha$,f) for investigation of the mechanism for angular momentum generation in fission - Stephan Pomp (Uppsala University)   (American River)
08:09 Studying the impact of updated isomeric yield ratios on reactor antineutrino spectra - Andrea Mattera   (American River)
08:21 Fission Neutron Spectrum Induced Short-Lived Fission Product Yields of $^{235}$U, $^{238}$U, $^{239}$Pu and $^{237}$Np - Jason Harke   (American River)
08:33 Short-lived fission products from neutron-induced fission of $^{235,238}$U - Anthony Ramirez   (American River)
08:45 Fission product Yields from Photon-induced Fission of $^{240}$Pu and Neutron-induced Fission of $^{239}$Pu as a Function of Incident Energy - Jack Silano   (American River)
Integral Measurements - John Bess (until 09:15) (Capitol)
07:45 New Plutonium Critical Experiments to Test Polyethylene and Lucite Thermal Scattering Laws - Catherine Percher (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   (Capitol)
08:09 International criticality benchmark comparison exercise in support of nuclear data validation - Mr Nicolas Leclaire   (Capitol)
08:21 New setup for measurement of prompt gammas from neutron interactions. - Mr Tomas Czakoj (Centrum Vyzkumu Rez ltd.)   (Capitol)
08:33 Comparison of URR Implementations in GNDS Format - Marie-Anne Descalle (LLNL)   (Capitol)
08:45 Measurement of delayed neutrons in a thermal nuclear reactor by means of a long run pile noise experiment in sub-critical state - Dr Romain BOFFY (CEA Cadarache)   (Capitol)
08:57 (WITHDRAWN) Using benchmark similarity for more granular validation of nuclear data - Wim Haeck (LANL)   (Capitol)
Measurements - Alberto Mengoni (CERN) (until 09:15) (Folsom)
07:45 The $^{41}$Ar($n,\gamma)^{42}$Ar reaction - Dr Rudra N. Sahoo (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)   (Folsom)
07:57 Cross section measurements of ${}^{7}$Li(d,x) tritium and beryllium production, ${}^{39}$K(n,p)${}^{39}$Ar for HPRL - Daniil Koliadko   (Folsom)
08:09 Nuclear Data Gone Awry: Error in the IAEA Beam Monitor Reference Cross Section, $^{\rm nat}$Ni(n,x)$^{61}$Cu, Discovered while Measuring a Discrepant $^{40}$Ar(n,p)$^{41}$Ar Reaction. - Darren Bleuel   (Folsom)
08:21 Photoneutron cross section measurements on $^{208}$Pb - Adriana Ioana Gheorghe   (Folsom)
08:33 (WITHDRAWN) Programme for the measurement of ($\alpha$,xn) reaction yields and neutron spectra in Spain: the MANY collaboration - Daniel Cano-Ott   (Folsom)
Theory/Codes - James Benstead (AWE) (until 09:15) (Placerville)
07:45 Recent advances within the QRPA framework to improve gamma strength function prediction - Dr Sophie Péru (CEA, DAM, DIF)   (Placerville)
08:09 Modern Description of Nuclear Structure and Reactions: The Deformed QRPA Transition Densities for Inelastic Scattering Descriptions - Emanuel Chimanski (Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica)   (Placerville)
08:21 Investigation of photodisintegration cross sections for virtual states - Dr Odsuren Myagmarjav (School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Nuclear Research Center, National University of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar 210646, Mongolia)   (Placerville)
08:33 (WITHDRAWN) Calculation of giant dipole resonance with noniterative finite amplitude method - Hirokazu Sasaki (LosAlamos National Laboratory)   (Placerville)
08:45 (WITHDRAWN) First-forbidden $\beta$-decay study in the pnQRPA approach - Arthur Beloeuvre (Subatech)   (Placerville)
09:15 --- Break ---
Poster session (until 10:45) (Gold Rush)
09:30 Federated Transfer Learning for Scalable Condition based Monitoring of Nuclear Power Plant Components - Koushik Araseethota Manjunatha (Idaho National Laboratory)   (Gold Rush)
09:33 Network-based Data Acquisition and Control for BGS and FIONA experiments - John Gooding   (Gold Rush)
09:36 FLUKAVAL - A validation framework for the FLUKA radiation transport Monte Carlo Code - Markus Widorski   (Gold Rush)
09:39 Application of Machine Learning algorithms for experimental data processing and estimation of 96Mo (n, p) 96Nb reaction cross section - Sangeetha Prasanna Ram   (Gold Rush)
09:42 Unscented Transform Kalman filter for Optical model parameter uncertainty quantification - Mr Aman Sharma (Department of Physics, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221005, India)   (Gold Rush)
09:45 Calculations and Evaluations of n+ 107,109Ag Reactions below 20 MeV - Tingtai Wang (Zhongyuan University of Techonology)   (Gold Rush)
09:48 Design study of benchmark experiment for large angle scattering cross section for non-solid target with 14 MeV neutron - Sota Araki (Osaka University)   (Gold Rush)
09:51 Global Analysis of 4He System with RAC - Libo Zhou   (Gold Rush)
09:54 CONFLUX – A Flexible, Modular Reactor Neutrino Flux Calculation Framework - Dr Xianyi Zhang (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   (Gold Rush)
10:00 Experimental spectrum average cross sections in $^{252}$Cf(sf) neutron field and its impact on evaluation of Neutron Standards - Roberto Capote (IAEA NDS)   (Gold Rush)
10:03 Implementation of the RESKR module in NJOY - Prof. Alain Hébert (Polytechnique Montréal)   (Gold Rush)
10:06 Development of an Interactive System for the Use of Nuclear Data (ISIDA) - Darya Panova (JSC "SSC RF - IPPE")   (Gold Rush)
10:09 Fission product depletion chain simplification method based on quantitative contribution function - Lili Wen (China Institute of Atomic Energy)   (Gold Rush)
10:12 Regression analysis of experimental reaction cross-section data of 241Am(n, 2n)240Am - Ms Tejashree Phatak (Vivekanand Education Society's Institute Of Technology)   (Gold Rush)
10:14 Non-statistical Behaviour of (n,2n) Cross Sections for 14-15 MeV Neutrons - Dr Odsuren Myagmarjav (Nuclear Research Center, National University of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, National University of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)   (Gold Rush)
10:16 Preequilibrium models for 58Ni(n,xp) reaction in neutrons at 8, 9, 9.4, 11 and 14.8 MeV using the EMPIRE and TALYS codes - Leila Yettou   (Gold Rush)
10:18 Comparison of binding energy from Atomic Mass Evaluation (AME-2020) with statistical model calculations. - Mr Ranjan Sariyal (Department of Physics, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India)   (Gold Rush)
10:20 The effect of high dose rate laser driven radiation on the integrity of amino acids and implications in toxicity evaluation - Silvana Vasilca (National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering IFIN-HH, Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics ELI-NP & IRASM Departemnt; 3University of Bucharest, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Analytical Chemistry)   (Gold Rush)
10:22 Expanded COG Criticality Validation Suite for Inter-Laboratory Benchmark Data Comparison - David Heinrichs (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   (Gold Rush)
10:23 The Calculation and Comparing of Benchmark Models with ENDF/B-VIII.0 and CENDL-3.2 Fe-56 Nuclear Data - 博 史 (中国工程物理研究院研究生院) Dr 晓波 刘 (核物理与化学研究所)   (Gold Rush)
10:45 --- Break ---
Facilities - Marcin Bielewicz (until 12:30) (Sutter's Fort)
11:00 Neutron Filtering System for Neutron Capture Cross Section Measurement at the ANNRI beamline of MLF/J-PARC - Gerard Rovira Leveroni (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   (Sutter's Fort)
11:12 UGGLA - a facility designed to measure specific radioactivity of biological samples - Erik Andersson Sundén (Uppsala University)   (Sutter's Fort)
11:24 Charged particle induced reactions on beryllium as a fast neutron source for irradiation experiments - Dr Milan Stefanik (Nuclear Physics Institute of The Czech Academy of Sciences, p.r.i.)   (Sutter's Fort)
11:36 Time projection chamber for nuclear data measurement at CSNS Back-n white neutron source - Han Yi (Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS)   (Sutter's Fort)
11:48 A new decay station for precision decay spectroscopy at Brookhaven - Elizabeth McCutchan   (Sutter's Fort)
12:00 First estimation of the kinetic parameters of LR-0 mock-up reactor in a reference configuration - Timothée Kooyman (CEA)   (Sutter's Fort)
Fission - Nicolas Schunck (until 12:30) (American River)
11:00 Complete Fission-Fragment Identification with the FALSTAFF Spectrometer - Diego Ramos   (American River)
11:24 Measurement of the $^{239}$Pu(n,f)/ $^{235}$U(n,f) Cross-Section Ratio with the NIFFTE fission Time Projection Chamber - Lucas Snyder (LLNL)   (American River)
11:36 Measurement of the neutron-induced fission cross section of $^{235}$U relative to neutron-proton elastic scattering at CERN-n_TOF: results from 20 MeV to 200 MeV - Elisa Pirovano the n_TOF Collaboration   (American River)
11:48 Measurement of the $^{235}$U(n,f) cross section relative to n-p scattering up to 500 MeV at the n_TOF facility at CERN - the n_TOF Collaboration Alice Manna   (American River)
12:00 Experimental study of high-energy fission and quasi-fission dynamics with fusion-induced fission reactions at VAMOS++ - Daniel Fernandez   ()
12:12 Comprehensive investigation of fission yields by using (p,2p)- induced fission in inverse kinematics. - José Luis Rodríguez Sánchez (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela)   (American River)
Integral Measurements - Boris Pritychenko (BNL) (until 12:30) (Capitol)
11:00 Contributions to Integral Nuclear Data in ICSBEP and IRPhEP since ND 2019 - Dr John Bess (JFoster & Associates, LLC)   (Capitol)
11:24 Reactivity Worth Measurement of Calcium Hydride Sample in UTR-KINKI Reactor - Mr Takashi Kanda (Kindai University)   (Capitol)
11:36 Analyses of JAEA/FNS iron in-situ experiment with latest nuclear data libraries - Dr Chikara Konno (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   (Capitol)
11:48 How can a diverse set of integral and semi-integral measurements inform identification of discrepant nuclear data? - Alexander Clark (LANL)   (Capitol)
Libraries - Arjan Plompen (until 12:30) (Delta King)
11:00 ENSDF Modernization and Expansion with Machine Learning Tools for Data Ingestion - Chris Morse   (Delta King)
11:24 Enhancing User Experience to Facilitate Nuclear Physics Research through NuDat - Donnie Mason   (Delta King)
11:36 X4Pro - universal, fully relational EXFOR database - Dr Viktor Zerkin (International Atomic Energy Agency)   (Delta King)
12:00 A Graph Theory Approach to the GNDS Schema Definition - Godfree Gert   (Delta King)
12:12 A Python-Based Nuclear Data Visualization Package - Nathan Gibson (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (Delta King)
Measurements - Darren Bleuel (LLNL) (until 12:30) (Folsom)
11:00 Cross Section Measurements of (n,x) Reactions at 17.9 and 18.9 MeV Using Highly Enriched Ge Isotopes - Sotirios Chasapoglou   (Folsom)
11:24 First LANSCE result on differential cross sections of the $^{16}$O(n,$\alpha$) reaction - Hye Young Lee   (Folsom)
11:36 The $^{35}$Cl(n,p)$^{35}$S cross section measured at n_TOF-CERN facility - Hamza Amar   (Folsom)
11:48 Monoenergetic neutrons from the $^9$Be(p,n)$^9$B reaction induced by 35, 40 and 45 MeV protons - Vivek Chavan   (Folsom)
12:00 Excitation functions of $^3$He- induced nuclear reactions on natural copper up to 55 MeV - Prof. Mayeen Khandaker   (Folsom)
Theory/Codes - Goran Arbanas (ORNL) (until 12:30) (Placerville)
11:00 Ab initio theory applied to the evaluation of the 6Li(n,t)4He reaction - Konstantinos Kravvaris   (Placerville)
11:24 Model calculation for nucleon-induced $^{6,7}$Li reactions - Xiaojun Sun (Guangxi Normal University)   (Placerville)
11:36 Residual nuclei production in (p,π$^0$γ) reaction - Igor Moskalenko (Stanford University)   (Placerville)
11:48 (WITHDRAWN) Study of Breakup Reactions of Weakly Bound nuclei $^{6,7}$Li - Wendi Chen (Beihang University)   (Placerville)
Fission - Diego Ramos (until 07:30) (American River)
06:00 Fission-fragment yields and prompt-neutron multiplicity for Coulomb-induced fission of $^{234,235}$U and $^{237,238}$Np [1] - Audrey Chatillon   (American River)
06:24 Measurement of the prompt fission $\gamma$-rays from $^{235}$U(n,f) with STEFF - Tobias Wright the n_TOF Collaboration   (American River)
06:36 Prompt gamma-ray multiplicity in fast neutron-induced fission of $^{239}\mathrm{Pu}$ - Nathan Giha   (American River)
06:48 Photofission and photoneutron cross sections for $^{238}$U and $^{232}$Th - Dan Mihai Filipescu   (American River)
07:00 Consistent Evaluations of Prompt Neutron Observables - Denise Neudecker   (American River)
Libraries - Zhigang Ge (until 07:30) (Delta King)
06:00 75 Years of Experimental Nuclear Reaction Data Compilations - Boris Pritychenko (NNDC, BNL)   (Delta King)
06:24 Database work for the new Cross Section Standards Evaluation - Allan Carlson (NIST and BNL)   (Delta King)
06:36 Impact of adjustment with criticality and reaction rate data - Robert Casperson (LLNL)   (Delta King)
06:48 WPEC/SG46 Exercise on Target Accuracy Requirement - Prof. Oscar Cabellos (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM))   (Delta King)
07:00 Assimilation of integral experiments on high-energy nuclear parameters - Dr Elias Vandermeersch (CEA)   (Delta King)
07:12 (WITHDRAWN) Use of a Kubernetes Cluster of Docker Containers in Automating Nuclear Data Quality Assurance - Ramon Arcilla (NNDC-BNL)   (Delta King)
Mass/Strucure/Decay - Karsten Kossert (until 07:30) (Capitol)
06:00 Total Absorption Spectroscopy of fission fragments relevant for reactor antineutrino spectra and nuclear structure and astrophysics - Magali Estienne   (Capitol)
06:24 Results and interpretations of isomeric yield ratios measured at the IGISOL facility - Mr Zhihao Gao (Uppsala University)   (Capitol)
06:36 Proton-neutron interaction studies via accurate mass measurements at the outskirts of the nuclear chart - Israel Mardor (Tel Aviv University)   (Capitol)
06:48 Nuclear structure data obtained by the $(n_{th}, 2\gamma)$ reaction - Nikola Jovancevic (University of Novi Sad)   (Capitol)
07:00 Isomer discovery and studies in the vicinity of $^{100}\text{Sn}$ by the means of high-resolution mass spectrometry at the FRS Ion Catcher - Daler Amanbayev (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen, II. Physikalisches Institut)   (Capitol)
Measurements - Maelle Kerveno (until 07:30) (Folsom)
06:00 Prompt fission neutron spectra in the $^{235}$U(n,f) reaction - Benoit Mauss   (Folsom)
06:24 Measurement of the $^{241}$Am neutron capture cross section at the n_TOF facility at CERN - Frank Gunsing   (Folsom)
06:36 Am-241 thermal neutron capture cross section and neutron capture resonance integral from reactor activation and oscillation measurements - Gašper Žerovnik   (Folsom)
06:48 Measurement of the Neutron Capture Cross Section of Am-243 with the ANNRI beamline, MLF/J-PARC - Yu Kodama   (Folsom)
07:00 Photo activation measurements of the $^{209}$Bi($\gamma$,xn) nuclear reaction parameters at the LINAC 200, JINR facility in the energy range from 40 MeV to 100 MeV - Nikola Jovancevic   (Folsom)
07:12 Measurement and analysis of the neutron total cross sections of $^{209}$Bi on the Back-n beam line at CSNS - Song Feng   (Folsom)
Theory/Codes - Ian Thompson (until 07:30) (Placerville)
06:00 Quantum Computing for Nuclear Systems - Alessandro Baroni (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (Placerville)
06:24 Probing Nuclear Uncertainties in Kilonova Modeling - Kelsey Lund (North Carolina State University)   (Placerville)
06:36 Generating nucleon-nucleus scattering data by Gaussian process regression - Shoto Watanabe (Hokkaido University)   (Placerville)
06:48 Integrating Nuclear Shell Model and Hauser Feshbach Calculations for Fission Fragment Studies - Oliver Gorton (San Diego State University)   (Placerville)
07:00 On Systematics of Double-Beta Decay Half Lives - Boris Pritychenko (NNDC, BNL)   (Placerville)
07:12 Improved measurements and reaction modeling for the production of Sn-117m and Te-119m via proton bombardment on natural antimony up to 200 MeV - Catherine Apgar (Department of Nuclear Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, California 94720, USA)   (Placerville)
Thermal Neutron Scattering Law - Daniel Siefman (until 07:30) (Sutter's Fort)
06:00 Generation of thermal scattering laws with the CINEL code - Gilles Noguere (CEA, DES, IRESNE Cadarache)   (Sutter's Fort)
06:24 Neutron thermal cross section of organic polymers within the Average Functional Group Approximation - Giovanni Romanelli (Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata and ISIS Neutron and Muon Source)   (Sutter's Fort)
06:36 Development of thermal scattering kernels for sodium hydroxide - Dr Esben Klinkby (Seaborg Technologies)   (Sutter's Fort)
06:48 New thermal scattering libraries for cold and very-cold neutron sources - Douglas Di Julio (European Spallation Source ERIC)   (Sutter's Fort)
07:00 Evaluation of Uranium Carbide Thermal Scattering Law and Cross Sections - Mr Jonathan P. W. Crozier (North Carolina State University)   (Sutter's Fort)
07:12 Effects of Hydrogen Bonding on Nuclear Data Development of Liquid Anhydrous HF - Dr Tanvir Ahmed (Department of Nuclear Engineering, North Carolina State University)   (Sutter's Fort)
07:30 --- Break ---
Fusion - Wim Haeck (until 09:26) (American River)
07:50 Benchmark study of large-angle neutron scattering cross section of tungsten using two shadow bars at 14 MeV - Ms Indah Rosidah Maemunah (Osaka University, Bandung Institute of Technology)   (American River)
08:02 Additional reaction mechanisms to statistical $\alpha$-emission and the related optical-potential validation - Vlad Avrigeanu (Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH))   (American River)
08:14 Nuclear Data and Neutronics Study for Long-Lived Radionuclides Produced during Fusion Reactor Operation - Dr Jyoti Pandey (ITER-India, Institute For Plasma Research, Gandhinagar, Gujarat)   (American River)
08:26 Charged-particle production and inelastic cross sections induced by neutrons on $^{54}$Fe - Dr Hyeong Il Kim (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)   (American River)
08:38 (WITHDRAWN) Experimental analysis and comparison to simulation of high-resolution $\gamma$-spectroscopy measurements of irradiated metallic foils in a 14 MeV fusion-neutron environment - Mark Gilbert   (American River)
08:50 (WITHDRAWN) Benchmarking of Modern Radiation Transport Codesfor Application to Fusion Neutronics - Alex Valentine (UKAEA)   (American River)
Libraries - Elizabeth McCutchan (until 09:20) (Delta King)
07:50 General-purpose nuclear data library JENDL-5 and to the next - Osamu Iwamoto (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   (Delta King)
08:14 Status of the ENDF/B-VIII.1 Library - Gustavo Nobre (BNL)   (Delta King)
08:26 Updated Chinese Evaluated Nuclear Data Library and Its Applications - Zhigang GE (China Institute of Atomic Energy/China Nuclear Data Center)   (Delta King)
08:38 Deuteron and alpha sub-libraries of JENDL-5 - Dr Shinsuke Nakayama (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   (Delta King)
08:50 Status and perspective of the development of JEFF-4 - Arjan Plompen (European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Geel)   (Delta King)
09:02 Sensitivity analysis of JEFF-3.3 and ENDF/B-VIII.0 for a light water reactor - Dr Francisco Alvarez-Velarde (CIEMAT)   (Delta King)
Mass/Strucure/Decay - Nikola Jovancevic (until 09:20) (Capitol)
07:50 $\beta$-delayed neutron spectroscopy of $^{85}$As with MONSTER - Alberto Pérez de Rada Fiol (CIEMAT)   (Capitol)
08:02 Study of decay properties for Ce to Nd nuclei (A~160) relevant for the formation of the r-process rare-earth peak - Max Pallàs Solís (Universitat politecnica de catalunya (UPC))   (Capitol)
08:14 Evolution of collectivity in $^{126,128}$Xe studied in Coulomb excitation measurements - Stanimir Kisyov (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, California 94550, USA)   (Capitol)
08:26 Improved current measurements for ionization chambers using the ULCA: A benchmark experiment to determine the 18F half-life - Dr Ole Jens Nähle (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt)   (Capitol)
Measurements - Alexandru Negret (until 09:20) (Folsom)
07:50 The Neutron Scattering Cross Section and Angular Distribution Measurement Program at LANL - Keegan Kelly (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (Folsom)
08:14 Measurement and evaluation of partial and total (n,xn) reaction cross-sections on highly radioactive nuclei of interest for energy production application. - Francois Claeys   (Folsom)
08:26 On the need for precise nuclear structure data for high quality (n, n’ γ) cross section measurements - Greg Henning   (Folsom)
08:38 Neutron production double differential cross section from Carbon, Niobium and Bismuth targets bombarded by 290 MeV/u $^136$Xe ions - Dal-Ho Moon   (Folsom)
08:50 Measurements of the $^{56}$Fe(n,n'$\gamma$) reaction at GENESIS - Joseph Gordon   (Folsom)
09:02 A segmented total energy detector (sTED) for (n, γ) cross section measurements at n_TOF EAR2 - Victor Alcayne (CIEMAT (Spain))   (Folsom)
Theory/Codes - Gregory Potel Aguilar (until 09:20) (Placerville)
07:50 Statistical properties of neutron-rich strontium isotopes - Adriana Sweet (LLNL)   (Placerville)
08:14 Improving nuclear data evaluations with predictive reaction theory and indirect measurements - Jutta Escher (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   (Placerville)
08:26 Testing the Extended SRM against the $^{238}$U($^{3}$He,$^{4}$He)$^{237}$U$^*$ surrogate probabilities - Dr Olivier Bouland (CEA Cadarache France)   (Placerville)
08:38 Properties of compound nucleus decay width predicted by Gaussian Orthogonal Ensemble nuclear reaction model - Toshihiko Kawano (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (Placerville)
08:50 Phenomenological R-Matrix parameterization of direct, doorway, and compound nuclear reactions - Goran Arbanas (ORNL)   (Placerville)
09:02 Role of direct interactions in $(d,p)$ and $(d,2p)$ reactions - Dr Marilena Avrigeanu (Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH))   (Placerville)
Thermal Neutron Scattering Law - Ayman Hawari (until 09:20) (Sutter's Fort)
07:50 Experimental validation of thermal scattering evaluations - Yaron Danon (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)   (Sutter's Fort)
08:14 Pulsed-Neutron Die-Away Experiments for Plastics - Dr Daniel Siefman (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   (Sutter's Fort)
08:26 Thermal scattering law for ice based on neutron time-of-flight experiments carried out at the SEQUOIA spectrometer at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Dr Vaibhav Jaiswal (Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN))   (Sutter's Fort)
08:38 Zirconium Hydride Thermal Scattering Law Data - Andrej Trkov   (Sutter's Fort)
08:50 Advanced Modeling and Simulation Methods for Evaluation of Thermal Neutron Scattering Materials - Chris Chapman (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   (Sutter's Fort)
09:02 (WITHDRAWN) Thermal neutron experiments and calculations on cryogenic Ethane. II: Solid Ethane - Dr Florencia Cantargi (Atomic Energy Commission of the Argentine Republic, Argentine Neutron Beam Laboratory, Argentina.)   (Sutter's Fort)
09:26 --- Break ---
Libraries - Cedric Jouanne (until 11:10) (Delta King)
09:40 Processing of JEFF nuclear data libraries for the SCALE Code System and testing with criticality benchmark experiments - Mr Antonio Jimenez-Carrascosa (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)   (Delta King)
09:52 Managing and processing nuclear data libraries with FUDGE - Caleb Mattoon (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)   (Delta King)
10:04 Application-Dependent Multigroup Weighting applied to Critical Benchmarks - Andrew Till (LANL)   (Delta King)
10:16 Development and Verification of Capability for Processing the Generalised Nuclear Database Structure (GNDS) in Nuclear Data Processing Code NECP-Atlas - Yihan Huang (Xi'an Jiaotong University)   (Delta King)
10:28 Recent Developments in the Nuclear Data Processing Code AMPX - Jordan McDonnell   (Delta King)
Mass/Strucure/Decay - Muriel Fallot (until 11:10) (Capitol)
09:40 Liquid scintillation counting: A valuable tool to determine half-lives - Dr Karsten Kossert (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt)   (Capitol)
10:04 Half-life determination of long-lived hard-to-measure isotopes: examples 53-Mn and 93-Mo - Dorothea Schumann (Paul Scherrer Institut Villigen, Switzerland)   (Capitol)
10:16 A new approach to precisely measure gamma-ray intensities for long-lived fission products - Nicholas Scielzo (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   (Capitol)
10:28 First measurements with new high resolution neutron detector NEXT. - Shree Neupane (University of Tennessee)   (Capitol)
10:40 Re-measurement of the $^{146}$Sm and $^{147}$Sm half-lives using high resolution 4π microcalorimeters - Alexander Kavner (LLNL)   (Capitol)
Measurements - Valentina Semkova (until 11:10) (Folsom)
09:40 Fast neutron-induced fission cross section of $^{242}$Pu measured at nELBE and PIAF - Toni Kogler   (Folsom)
10:04 Neutron-induced inelastic γ-production cross sections on $^{58,60,64}$Ni - Marian Boromiza   (Folsom)
10:16 Zr Nuclear Data Campaign: Measurement of (n,$\gamma$) cross section of Zr-90 - Klaus Guber   (Folsom)
10:28 Compton imaging for enhanced sensitivity (n,$\gamma$) cross section TOF experiments: status and prospects - the n_TOF Collaboration Cesar Domingo Pardo   (Folsom)
Other applications - David Brown (until 11:10) (American River)
09:40 Decay Data for Radionuclide Monitoring Applications - Paraskevi Dimitriou (International Atomic Energy Agency)   (American River)
10:04 Implementation of the ELECTR module in NJOY - Prof. Alain Hébert (Polytechnique Montréal)   (American River)
10:16 Validation of the ELECTR module in NJOY - Ahmed Naceur (École Polytechnique de Montréal)   (American River)
10:28 Decay Data Evaluation Project: Updating the evaluations of nuclear decay data and their importance in radionuclide metrology - Xavier Mougeot (CEA) Dr Aurelian Luca (IFIN-HH)   (American River)
10:40 Evaluation of delayed neutron yields and time spectra from photofission of $^{238}U$ induced by $\textit{Bremsstrahlung}$ photons below 9 MeV - Adrien Sari (Université Paris-Saclay, CEA, List, F-91120 Palaiseau, France)   (American River)
Theory/Codes - Marc Dupuis (until 11:10) (Placerville)
09:40 Evaluation of the neutron-induced cross sections of actinides using the CONRAD computer program - Gilles Noguere (CEA, DEN Cadarache)   (Placerville)
10:04 INDEN evaluation of neutron-induced reactions on $^{239}$Pu - Roberto Capote (IAEA NDS)   (Placerville)
10:16 Importance of the residual nucleus level density model in the calculation of the $^{239}$Pu$(n,2n)^{238}$Pu excitation function - Dr Olivier Bouland (CEA Cadarache France)   (Placerville)
10:28 Evaluation of neutron-induced reactions on $^{239}$Pu - Gregory Potel Aguilar (LLNL)   (Placerville)
10:40 Reexamining intermediate resonant structures in the 242Pu fission cross section - Carole Chatel (CEA)   (Placerville)
Thermal Neutron Scattering Law - Giovanni Romanelli (until 11:10) (Sutter's Fort)
09:40 Development of new library of thermal scattering kernels using the NJOY+NCrystal tool - Jose Ignacio Marquez Damian (European Spallation Source)   (Sutter's Fort)
10:04 NCrystal : an open source library for thermal neutron transport - Thomas Kittelmann (European Spallation Source ERIC)   (Sutter's Fort)
10:16 FLASSH 1.0: Thermal Scattering Law Evaluation and Cross Section Generation - Dr N. Colby Fleming (Department of Nuclear Engineering, North Carolina State University)   (Sutter's Fort)
10:28 Methods for processing and use of thermal neutron scattering data in OpenMC - Paul Romano (Argonne National Laboratory)   (Sutter's Fort)
10:40 Study on the generation method of thermal neutron scattering law data in nuclear data processing code NECP-Atlas - Mr Yongqiang Tang (Xi'an Jiaotong University)   (Sutter's Fort)
11:10 --- Break ---
Measurements - Maria Teresa Rodriguez Gonzalez (until 13:00) (Folsom)
11:30 Cross section measurement of residues produced in proton- and deuteron-induced spallation reactions on $^{79}$Se at 200 MeV/u using the inverse kinematics method - Shoichiro Kawase   (Folsom)
11:54 Neutron production cross sections for proton induced reactions on $^{\rm nat}$Cu and $^{27}$Al with a flat-efficiency neutron detector - Cristina Clisu-Stan   (Folsom)
12:06 Nuclide production cross sections in proton-induced reactions on Bi at GeV energies - Hiroki Iwamoto   (Folsom)
12:18 Solid $^3$He target for nuclear reactions: H+$^3$He differential elasticscattering cross-section from 1.5 to 4.5 MeV - Francisco Javier Ferrer Fernandez   (Folsom)
12:30 Neutron production in the interaction of 200-MeV deuterons with Li, Be, C, Al, Cu, Nb, In, Ta, and Au - Yukinobu Watanabe   (Folsom)
12:42 Measurement of double-differential neutron yields for iron, lead, and bismuth induced by 107-MeV protons for research and development of accelerator-driven systems - Hiroki Iwamoto   (Folsom)
Other applications - Alain Hebert (until 13:00) (American River)
11:30 Spallation reaction study for long-lived fission products in nuclear waste: Cross-section measurements for 107Pd on proton and deuteron at different reaction energy - He Wang (RIKEN)   (American River)
11:54 Measurement of displacement cross-sections of Nb irradiated by protons with kinetic energy range between 0.4 and 3 GeV - Dr Shin-ichiro Meigo (J-PARC/JAEA)   (American River)
12:06 Calculations and Evaluations of n + 58,60,61,62,64,nat.Ni Reactions up to 200 MeV - Min Jia (North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power)   (American River)
12:18 Measurement of the neutron total cross section of 9Be at the Back-n white neutron source of CSNS - Mr Jiangbo Bai (Fudan university)   (American River)
12:30 The cross sections and energy spectra of the particle emission in α induced reaction on 58,60,61,62,64,nat.Ni - Xinwu Su (Shanxi Datong University, China)   (American River)
Theory/Codes - Jutta Escher (until 13:00) (Placerville)
11:30 Recent developments in the Point Wise Neutron treatment for FLUKA v4 - Vasilis Vlachoudis (CERN)   (Placerville)
11:43 A new model for low-energy (<150 MeV/n) deuteron nuclear reactions in FLUKA - Gabriela Moryc (European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)) Dr Francesc Salvat Pujol (European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN))   (Placerville)
11:55 Open-source Release of CGMF 1.1 and Integration into the MCNP6.3® Code - Michael Rising (LANL)   (Placerville)
12:07 Nuclear data completion for analog simulations - Camilo Cordero Ramirez (CEA)   (Placerville)
12:19 Proton-induced activation cross sections in the energy range below 10 GeV - Dr Igor Moskalenko (Stanford University)   (Placerville)
Plenary Session - Roberto Capote (until 07:30) (Sacramento)
06:00 Status of ENSDF - Elizabeth McCutchan   (Sacramento)
06:15 Status of CENDL - Zhizang GE   (Sacramento)
06:30 Status of ENDF - Gustavo Nobre   (Sacramento)
06:45 Status of JEFF - Arjan Plompen   (Sacramento)
07:00 Status of JENDL - Osamu Iwamoto   (Sacramento)
07:15 Status of TENDL - Dr Arjan Koning (IAEA)   (Sacramento)
07:30 --- Break ---
Plenary Session - Michael Fleming (until 10:20) (Sacramento)
08:00 Nuclear Data User Perspective: Reactor Physics - Patrick Blaise   (Sacramento)
08:30 Nuclear Data User Perspective: DOE Isotope Program - Ethan Balkin   (Sacramento)
09:00 Nuclear Data User Perspective: Nuclear Nonproliferation - David Matters   (Sacramento)
09:30 Prioritization of nuclear data needs - Tim Hallman (DOE)   (Sacramento)
10:00 ND2025 Announcement - Enrique M. González Romero (CIEMAT)   (Sacramento)
10:10 Closing remarks   (Sacramento)
Education and Outreach - Lee Bernstein (UC Berkeley) (until 13:35) (Sutter's Fort)
12:45 GRE@T-PIONEeR: teaching the nuclear data pipeline using innovative pedagogical methods - Oscar Cabellos   (Sutter's Fort)
13:09 Educational activity by using nuclear chart in Japan: constructing three-dimensional nuclear chart and distributing nuclear charts through crowdfunding - Hiroyuki Koura   (Sutter's Fort)
13:21 The Nuclear Data Working Group in the United States and Workshop Outcomes - Catherine Romano   (Sutter's Fort)
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