21-29 July 2022
US/Pacific timezone

Frequently asked questions

What is the time zone for the meeting timetable?

By default, all times are listed in Pacific Daylight Time  (GMT-7),  with conference activities starting at 06:00 a.m. PDT each day (except the special session on Friday July 22 which starts at 09:00 a.m. PDT). However, please be aware that indico supports switching time zone. To double-check the time zone, scroll to the very top of the conference website, where you should see an icon like this one:

We have noticed problems in the Timetable if the time zone is switched away from the default, so we recommend keeping the timetable in Pacific time and using another method to convert to your local time.


Solutions to some common problems with accessing Gather.Town:

If Gather.Town fails to start, please try another web browser if possible. Several attendees have reported problems using the Firefox browser but better success with Chrome and Edge.

You will need to provide an email address to connect. For most attendees this will be the same email address used when paying the registration fee. If you receive a 'Space has restricted access' message, first double-check if you are using the correct email address. If you continue to have problems, please contact us at nd2022.llnl.gov.

After providing the email address, you may be prompted for a one-time password that should be sent by email. Some attendees have had trouble with that email being blocked by a firewall.  If you run into this problem and cannot find a resolution, please contact us at nd2022.llnl.gov with the problem email address and, if possible, an alternate email address.


How do I locate a session?

First check what room the session is being held in. The room is posted on the lower left side of each session on the timetable, and is also listed at the top of each contribution. The plenary sessions will be held in the Sacramento room (also called the Main Auditorium), parallel sessions will be held in one of the other large meeting rooms (Folsom, American River, Placerville, Delta King, Sutter's Fort or Capitol),  and poster sessions will be held in the Gold Rush room on the 2nd floor above the Main Auditorium.

The meeting venue has a few other small rooms that can be used at any time for side discussions.

To locate a room, go to one of the 'Map' icons in Gather.Town and press 'x' on the keyboard to view a map of the conference space. For example:

Tips for entering Zoom sessions from within Gather.Town:

Each of the meeting rooms allows connecting to a Zoom meeting, simply by entering the room and pressing the 'x' key on your keyboard. You will then be prompted to click an external link to the Zoom meeting.  After pressing that link, please be sure to press the 'Join Meeting as an Attendee' button as seen below  (the 'Sign in to Start' button is only for MSU Zoom hosts).  You will then be prompted for the Zoom password, which should have been sent to you by email.

Please note that the Zoom meetings will not always be active.  Small meetings and side discussions can be held within Gather.Town at any time until the meeting ends on July 29, but Zoom sessions will only be live during scheduled sessions  (typically Zoom meetings will be started 15 minutes before the start of each session).


Leaving a Zoom meeting and returning to Gather.Town

To return to Gather.Town, simply select the 'Leave' button in Zoom and return to the Gather.Town tab on your web browser. You may be prompted to press a button to re-enter Gather.Town.

You can identify which Gather.Town participants are in a Zoom meeting as their avatar will be greyed out.

Note that it is possible to move your avatar around in Gather.Town while connected to a Zoom session, but Gather.Town audio will be disabled until you leave the Zoom meeting.


Why am I unable to upload my presentation?

The most likely problem is that you are either not logged in or do not yet have an account registered on this indico system (indico.frib.msu.edu). Accounts were not automatically moved over when the conference website migrated to this platform.  Please create an account if necessary and log in, then check whether you have access.

If you are still unable to add presentation materials, the email associated with the contribution may not match the email for your indico account. Please contact nd2022@llnl.gov for assistance.


What steps should I take to prepare for my presentation?

Please take a look at the presenter guidelines, and let us know if you still have questions.


I still need help...

If none of the solutions above help with your problem, please contact us.

For questions related to problems with connecting or using Zoom sessions, please email nd2022@frib.msu.edu or call +1 (517) 908-7429.

For all other questions please email nd2022@llnl.gov.

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