21-29 July 2022
US/Pacific timezone

Zoom instructions for session chairs

Prior to meeting:

Check the schedule to determine the number and order of the talks to be presented and the time allocated to each one.

Check to be sure no abstracts have been withdrawn prior to the meeting.

Be mindful of the time zone and plan to show up on time.

Arrive early for the session:

Arrive in the meeting room about 12 minutes prior to the start of the session to check your connection and setup.

Introduce yourself to the session host who will make you co-host.

If you encounter problems, ask for technical support.

While this meeting will be run as a Zoom meeting rather than a webinar, chairs will still be co-hosts and will have control over the session.

The speakers in the session should be made co-hosts as they enter to increase the likelihood of full screen share functionality.

Start the session -- comments to participants:

Briefly introduce yourself and explain the timing to the speakers and audience. Remind them as often as necessary during the session.

Remind the participants that the sessions adhere to the ND2022 Code of Conduct and anyone asking inappropriate questions or engaging in rude, demeaning or otherwise inappropriate behavior can be removed from the meeting.

Ask the participants to mute themselves and remain muted until they are asked to unmute after raising their hand. Participants can ask questions by typing into the chat or raising their hand.

Tell the participants to type questions into the chat during the talk and either read them after the talk or ask them to unmute to ask their question.

Before each talk:

Introduce each speaker, giving the presentation title.

Allow the speaker to unmute and ask them to start their video and share their screen. If there is a problem with screen share, display the slides posted to the indico site.

Stick to the schedule:

It is important that simultaneous sessions be as closely synchronized as possible to allow attendees to move from session to session in order to hear specific talks.

Allotted times:

The normal allotted time for contributed talks is 12 minutes (10+2) and 24 minutes (20+4) for invited talks. Each session typically starts with an invited talk followed by contributed talks. Please keep the difference between the talk lengths in mind.

Give a 2 minute warning (after 8 minutes) for a contributed talk. Allow 2 minutes for discussion:

Give a 5 minute warning (after 15 minutes) for an invited talk. Allow 4 minutes for discussion.

When the speaker's total time (talk plus discussion) is up, ask the speaker to stop screen share, mute and turn off their video. Thank the speaker and promptly introduce the next presentation and speaker.

Ask the speaker to stop:

When their allotted time is up, the speaker needs to be reminded that the session must stay on time and that they need to finish up.

If they go over time, reduce the question time accordingly.

If there are no questions, ask for questions from the audience or, if there are no questions, ask the speaker an appropriate question to fill the time.

The session should stay on time and end on time. All the speakers are entitled to an audience.

Absent speakers:

Should a speaker fail to appear or an abstract is withdrawn, allow the preceding discussion to continue or recess the session until it is time for the next scheduled abstract.

If a speaker arrives late, they may be able to speak at the end, if time allows.

During the discussion:

Moderate the questions appropriately. Do not read any inappropriate comments from the chat

Always identify the questioner.

If there are no questions put into the chat during the talk, then the Chair should ask the participants to use the raise hand feature to be recognized to be unmuted and ask their question. The raise hand feature puts those who ask questions at the top of the participant list, in order of when they raised their hands (the first to raise a hand is at the top of the list, subsequent questions appear after that).

If someone asks a question that is off topic and/or inappropriate, mute the person.

At the end of the discussion, remind participants that they can have private discussion in Gather.Town. The chat during the sessions will only go to the host and co-host (the chair).


Send an email to nd2022@frib.msu.edu asking for technical assistance and someone will be available for immediate assistance.

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