21-29 July 2022
US/Pacific timezone

Zoom Intructions for speakers

Presentation tips:

We recommend using the Zoom application directly instead of running Zoom within a web browser.  Browser extensions behave somewhat differently and may cause problems when sharing the screen.

When using video, make sure your face is in the middle of the screen and not too far away. Try to avoid a focus on the ceiling or somewhere other than your face. Make sure that the light on your face is neither too dark nor too bright.

If there are issues with bandwidth slowing down your presentation, turn off your video. Otherwise, it is preferable to leave your video on.

Make sure you are in a quiet place without background noise to keep the quality of your audio as high as possible. If you are in a shared space, tell those around you to minimize noise when you are giving your presentation.

Speakers should upload their presentation (.pptx -- for animations -- or .pdf) to the indico site at least 24 hours ahead of your talk. In case of technical difficulties, the slides on the indico site or an uploaded video can be shown instead.

At the Meeting:

Consider having a saved copy of the program with Zoom links in case of connection issues. Save the phone link to your phone.

Check the program to familiarize yourself with your session.

The meeting time zone will be Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). Please be mindful of any difference between your time zone and that of the meeting.

Arrive at your session 12 minutes early to set up and introduce yourself to the Session Chair. Make sure you name on zoom matches your name on the program to allow the session chair to identify you. (Personal pronouns are allowed.)

To test screen share in advance, you can go to the speaker ready room on 21 July 11:00-12:00 PDT or enter a Zoom room through Gather.Town between or after sessions and try opening your slides.

Everyone will enter the Zoom room with video off. The chair will ask you to mute yourself until it is time to speak, at which time your should unmute and start video. After your presentation is finished, stop sharing your screen, mute yourself again, and turn the video off.

Use screen share to show your presentation and put it in full screen mode when sharing to give the audience the largest possible view of the slides which will often be on a laptop.

If screen share does not work, the slides uploaded to indico will be shown by the session chair. They will be advanced by the chair when asked by the speaker to do so.

If you cannot connect via Zoom and need to dial in to present your talk, use the telephone numbers listed at the bottom of the schedule overview, https://indico.frib.msu.edu/event/52/page/569-schedule-overview.

It is not generally possible to reschedule talks so please have a video ready as a backup if all else fails. If another speaker is absent, you may be able to speak at the end of the session.

Please stay within your allotted time (20 minutes for invited talks, 10 minutes for contributed talks) and stop when signaled by the Chair to do so to allow time for discussion (4 minutes for invited talks and 2 minutes for contributed talks).


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