3-7 June 2019
America/New_York timezone

Abstracts and Posters


International Conference on Proton-Emitting Nuclei 2019
3-7 June 2019


Abstract and Poster Instructions

Form and Length of Abstracts

All abstracts should be submitted using the linked template in English and clearly identify the objectives/introduction, methods/study design, results, and conclusions of the work. The abstract must be in the form of a pdf file (example) using this template (tex). The abstract is limited to one page.

The name of the latex file should be name.tex where "name" is the last name of the underlined author.

Submission Method and Due Date

The latex file and the one-page pdf for the abstracts should be sent by email to brown@nscl.msu.edu and procon2019@frib.msu.edu

Due date:

March 31, 2019 extended to April 14


There will not be proceedings. Links to the talks will be put on the website.


For podium presentations, a computer will be provided and is preferred to save time transitioning from one talk to the next. However, the projection hardware will have standard audio-visual connectors for using your own laptop. For poster presentations, push pins will be provided. Suggested width (across) of a poster is a maximum of 50 inches (55 inches is the absolute maximum space allocated for each presenter).

Poster presentations:
Poster sessions will be held on Tuesday (June 6).
Poster Specifications - Poster boards are designed for poster width should be 50” (maximum 55”).

Oral presentations:
Presentation time:
Invited talks: 20 min plus 10 min for discussion
Regular talks: 10 min plus 5 min for discussion

The organizers will provide a Window7 PC and RGB cable. Presentation slides should be provided as PowerPoint or pdf file for smooth operation. Speakers are requested to identify themselves to the chairperson of the session and upload the final version of their talk during the preceding coffee break. Speakers can use their own laptop but should check the compatibility with the available system well in advance of the session. If needed, speakers are requested to bring adapting connectors (e.g. for Macintosh laptops).

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