29 October 2020 to 1 November 2020
Facility for Rare Isotope Beams
America/New_York timezone

Participant Guidelines & Welcome Packets

Participant Guidelines

  • Participants enter the webinar muted and with video off by default.
  • Review the Epitome to find the sessions you want to attend. Keep in mind the time zone differences.  Although East Lansing is in the Eastern time zone, the meeting schedule is in Central time because the original meeting location was to be in New Orleans. 
  • The DNP schedule is in (CDT/CST)

    Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday, November 1

  • Participants will be able to ask questions in the webinar format in two different ways, as shown left to right on the webinar control panel: chat and raise  hand. The questions should be entered primarily through the chat.  If there are no questions in the chat, the session chair may ask participants to raise their hands to ask a question. Once a participant uses the raise hand option, the participant may be unmuted by the host to ask a question.

Welcome Packets

  • Following registration, participants will receive a PDF version of the conference program. This program will include an extensive guide to all the different platforms used throughout the conference, steps they can take to access all the materials, a schedule of the sections, and descriptions of each. The welcome package will be sent by CCC a week before the conference.
  • Welcome Packet 

    Meeting Password

    Meeting Overview Attendees Speakers

    Session Chairs


    PDF Emailed Oct. 28 PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF

  • FRIB/NSCL Virtual Tour Women in Science Social Zoom Backgrounds Zoom Profile
    Th. Oct. 29 Session C PDF    PDF
  • Note that the participants will be able to chat with either "All panelists" or "All panelists and attendees" but not to other participants individually. (The normal default will be to "All panelists".) The only nonverbal feedback available to participants aside from typing questions into the chat is the "raise hand" feature. Everyone attending the DNP 2020 Online Meeting, regardless of their role, will be required to follow the Code of Conduct for APS Members. Inappropriate questions or comments may not be read by the chair or, if they have been unmuted after using raise hand, may be muted again and the participant may be removed from the session.
  • The session chair may remove speakers or participants from the Zoom room for behavior in violation of the APS Code of Conduct.
  • The chair can contact Donna Greene, the APS representative at the DNP meeting, by phone or text, at +1 (302) 602-3548, for immediate questions or concerns. Email her at greene@aps.org to provide evidence of violations, such as screenshots or cut and paste from the chat. Code of Conduct violations can also be reported directly to APS at +1 (844) 660-3924 or by visiting aps.ethicspoint.com.

Technical difficulties

  • We ask for your patience in case of technical difficulties.  If you are disconnected from a Zoom session, try reconnecting to that session again.  If you cannot reconnect, the reason may be due to internet connection problems.  See the Frequently Asked Questions about how to connect via phone as well as other issues.  For problems that require further assistance, notify the technical team either by email to dnp@frib.msu.edu, the dedicated email for the meeting, or by phone at 517-908-7275 or 517-908-7429.
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