2023 R-matrix Workshop on Methods and Applications


We would like to invite you to participate in the 2023 R-matrix Workshop on Methods and Applications to be held from June 20 - 23, 2023 at Ohio University. Please note that this workshop will be in-person only, no remote participation will be accepted.

The aim of this meeting is to bring together a diverse group of researchers with representatives from experiment and theory who utilize the R-matrix formalism for a variety of purposes. Talks will span a wide range of topics covering experimental, theoretical, evaluation developments using R-matrix.

Organizing committee:

Carl Brune (OU)
James deBoer (UND)
Gerry Hale (LANL)
Marco La Cognata (INFN)
Mark Paris (LANL)
Marco Pigni (ORNL)
Ian Thompson (LLNL)

We acknowledge support from IReNA, the University of Notre Dame, and the Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics at Ohio University.


Available form
  • Alexander Voinov
  • Amber Lauer-Coles
  • Amber Lauer-Coles
  • Andreas Best
  • Bikash Chauhan
  • Carl Brune
  • Chanhee (Ben) Kim
  • Chirag Rathi
  • David Brown
  • David Potterveld
  • Dr. Pareshkumar Prajapati
  • Esther Leal Cidoncha
  • Giovanni Luca Guardo
  • Ian Thompson
  • Jakub Skowronski
  • James deBoer
  • Joseph Derkin
  • Justin Warren
  • Kaixin Song
  • Kevin Ching Wei Li
  • Marco La Cognata
  • Marco Pigni
  • Matthew Lazaric
  • Michael Jeswald
  • Michele Sferrazza
  • Nisha Singh
  • Pablo Ducru
  • Rajkumar Santra
  • Seiya Hayakawa
  • Sk Mustak Ali
  • Som Paneru
  • Subinit Roy
  • Suprita Chakraborty
  • Teodora Madgearu
  • Thomas Massey
  • Vlad Goldberg
  • Xiaodong Tang
  • Yenuel Jones-Alberty