20-23 September 2022
America/Detroit timezone

Virtual Poster Session and Gather

Poster Session

The SATIF-15 Poster Session will be held in Gather Town, a virtual meeting space that will allow for wide range of virtual collaboration. 

Quick and short instructions:

1) You must use a Chrome or Firefox browser

2) After entering you can move your avatar with arrow keys

3) If you are within the interaction radius of other persons a video connection opens

4) Designated private spaces (rooms, carpets, café tables) help define the interaction space to the people within the private area. Interactions just based on interaction radius can be ambiguous for larger groups (its for example possible, depending on each person’s location, that you can talk to two people who cannot talk to each other)

View a Gather Helpsheet here.

Click Here to visit the Gather Help site for additional assistance.


Lobby Entrance

  • An administrator will staff the Help Desk during the Poster Session

Poster Rooms

  • Attendees will be able to view each poster as a .pdf on their screen, while being able to speak with the poster presenter (you will be prompted to press 'x' to open the poster .pdf)

Private Spaces

You can converse with other participants using the small meeting areas or larger meeting rooms, formally or informally


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