Sundial I and II (Sundial Beach Resort )

Sundial I and II

Sundial Beach Resort

1451 Middle Gulf Drive Sanibel, FL 33957
Bradley Sherrill (NSCL), Joseph Hamilton (Vanderbilt), Patrick Talou (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

***  Dear ICFN7 Colleagues,

As you have likely heard in the news, Sanibel Island has significant damage from hurricane Ian.  Sundial management has just informed us that they will not be able to host a conference in November.  They will begin working on refunding deposits, but please have patience as they have many issues to deal with. Our thoughts are with the people of Florida and we wish them a speedy recovery. 

We have discussed options and we think that given the character of the meeting it would be best to postpone the conference and investigate holding it next year, perhaps at the Sundial.  For now we will begin the process to refund your conference registrations.  As further information becomes available, we will pass it along.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please email icfn7@frib.msu.edu. We would like to read them. *** 

The 7th International Conference on "Fission and Properties of Neutron-Rich Nuclei" (ICFN7) will be held November 6th to November 12th, 2022 at the Sundial Beach Resort on Sanibel Island in Florida, United States. The conference is sponsored by the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB), Vanderbilt University, and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

ICFN7 is the continuation of a long series of topical conferences on fission and properties of neutron-rich nuclei that started in 1997. The scope of ICFN7 will be similar to that of previous ones held in Scotland, and Sanibel Island in US. Invited and contributed speakers will present recent results of theoretical and experimental studies and future prospects in the following areas:

• Fission Modes and Reactions: Neutron-induced fission, photo-fission, charged particle-induced fission, Coulomb fission, fusion-fission.
• Fission Processes: Neutron and gamma multiplicities, energy spectra, prompt and beta-delayed emissions, fragment properties in energy and spin, fission fragment spectroscopy, cold fission, ternary fission, fission isomers, fission product yields.
• Properties of Neutron-rich Nuclei: Decay properties, masses, nuclear structure, nuclear astrophysics.
• Fragmentation and Accelerated Beams of Neutron-rich Nuclei: Coulomb excitation, transfer reactions, deep inelastic collisions and present and future facilities for rare isotope beams.
• Superheavy Elements: Current status of super heavy element research, decay spectroscopy, chemistry of SHE, production methods and current and future facilities.

The best way to reach Sanibel Island is to fly to the Southwest Florida International Airport (Fort Myers, Florida). The distance from the Southwest Florida International Airport to the Sundial Beach Resort (Sanibel Island, Florida) is 27 miles (see Google map ).

Delegates registration will start at 2:00 PM on Sunday, November 6, 2022.

  • Aaina Thapa
  • Adam Anthony
  • Alexander Volya
  • Alexandra Gade
  • Alfredo Estrade
  • Amy Lovell
  • Anastasia Georgiadou
  • Anatoli Afanasjev
  • Ani Aprahamian
  • Anjali Rani
  • Anna Kwiatkowski
  • Artemis Spyrou
  • Aurel Bulgac
  • Benjamin Kay
  • Bertis Rasco
  • Bertis Rasco
  • Betty Tsang
  • Bradley Sherrill
  • Carlos Bertulani
  • Carolyn Raithel
  • Charles Horowitz
  • Chloé Fougères
  • Christian Ross
  • Christoph Duellmann
  • Chun Yuen Tsang
  • Dan Bardayan
  • Daniel Lay
  • Dariusz Seweryniak
  • Daryl Hartley
  • David Regnier
  • Diego Ferney Rojas Gamboa
  • Divya Arora
  • Dongwi H Dongwi
  • Elizabeth Deliyski
  • Enhong Wang
  • Eric Flynn
  • Erika Holmbeck
  • Esther Leal Cidoncha
  • Eun Jin In
  • Filomena Nunes
  • Forrest Friesen
  • Fredrik Tovesson
  • Gabriele-Elisabeth Koerner
  • George Bertsch
  • Gerd Roepke
  • Gerhart Steinhilber
  • Grigory Rogachev
  • Guillaume Scamps
  • Guy Savard
  • Heather Crawford
  • Heikki Penttilä
  • Helena Albers
  • Hideyuki Sakai
  • Hiroyoshi Sakurai
  • Ionel Stetcu
  • Israel Mardor
  • Jolie Cizewski
  • Jorgen Randrup
  • Jose Javier Dobon
  • Joseph Hamilton
  • Joseph Natowitz
  • Julia Even
  • Julien TAIEB
  • Jutta Escher
  • Kajol Chakraborty
  • Kamila Zelga
  • Kay Kolos
  • Kazuki Okada
  • Keegan Kelly
  • Krzysztof Rykaczewski
  • Kyle Beyer
  • Kyle Brown
  • Kyle Godbey
  • Lee Riedinger
  • Lucas Snyder
  • Marc Verriere
  • Maria Anastasiou
  • Matthew Devlin
  • Matthew Mumpower
  • Michael Block
  • Michael Wiescher
  • Miguel Madurga Flores
  • Nathan Giha
  • Navin ALAHARI
  • Nicholas Mendez
  • Nicolas Schunck
  • Nicole Vassh
  • Nikolaos Patronis
  • Nitin Sharma
  • Oleg Tarasov
  • Pablo Giuliani
  • Panagiotis Gastis
  • Patrick Talou
  • Paul Fallon
  • Pierre Morfouace
  • Radomira Lozeva
  • Ramona Vogt
  • Ranjan Sariyal
  • Remco Zegers
  • Richard Gumbel
  • Robert Grzywacz
  • Sait Umar
  • Saori Pastore
  • Satoshi Chiba
  • Sean Finch
  • Shruti -
  • Soumik Bhattacharya
  • Stefan Frauendorf
  • Stephan Pomp
  • Sylvester Agbemava
  • Takaharu Otsuka
  • Thomas Aumann
  • Tsuyoshi Yaita
  • Vibhuti Vashi
  • Vincent Wende
  • Vladimir Gudkov
  • Walid Younes
  • Walter Loveland
  • William Walters
  • Witold Nazarewicz