2019 JINA-CEE Frontiers in Nuclear Astrophysics

from Monday, 20 May 2019 (08:00) to Friday, 24 May 2019 (18:00)
Michigan State University (FRIB Auditorium)

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20 May 2019
21 May 2019
22 May 2019
23 May 2019
24 May 2019
08:00 --- Registration and Coffee ---
J1A (until 09:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
J1A (until 10:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
10:30 --- Coffee ---
J1A (until 12:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
08:00 --- Registration and Coffee ---
J2A (until 09:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
J2A (until 09:45) (FRIB Auditorium)
09:30 Optimization of the LENZ detector system at LANL for (n,p) reaction with radioactive target using GEANT4 Monte Carlo simulations - Pelagia Tsintari (Central Michigan University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
J2A (until 10:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
09:45 Reaction rates, nuclear level density, and the i-process - Mrs Jayani Dissanayake (Central Michigan University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
J2A (until 10:15) (FRIB Auditorium)
10:00 Mass measurement for the neutron-rich nuclei around $^{113}$Mo using TOF-B$\rho$ technique at NSCL - Kailong Wang (Central Michigan University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
J2A (until 10:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
10:15 $\beta$-Delayed Charged Particle Measurements for Studies of Novae and X-ray Bursts - Moshe Friedman (NSCL)   (FRIB Auditorium)
10:30 --- Coffee ---
J2A (until 12:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
08:00 --- Registration and Coffee ---
1A (until 09:15) (FRIB Auditorium)
1A (until 09:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
1A (until 10:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
09:30 Neutron Star Mergers and the Emergence of Multi-Messenger Astrophysics - Daniel Kasen (University of California, Berkeley)   (FRIB Auditorium)
10:30 --- Coffee ---
1B (until 11:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
11:00 Identifying the neutron-rich nuclei that most influence heavy element abundances: fission and the rare-earth peak - Nicole Vassh (University of Notre Dame)   (FRIB Auditorium)
1B (until 11:45) (FRIB Auditorium)
11:30 Gamma-ray emission from nebular remnants of neutron star mergers: prospects of detection - Oleg Korobkin (Los Alamos National Lab)   (FRIB Auditorium)
1B (until 12:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
11:45 The Low-Energy Enhancement of Gamma Strengths in the Iron Isotopes - Mallory Smith   (FRIB Auditorium)
08:00 --- Registration and Coffee ---
2A (until 09:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
09:00 Nuclear Astrophysics at TRIUMF-ISAC - Chris Ruiz (TRIUMF)   (FRIB Auditorium)
2A (until 09:45) (FRIB Auditorium)
09:30 Evidence for aspherical Supernova Explosions in Population III stars - Rana Ezzeddine (Massachusetts Institute of Technology/JINA-CEE)   (FRIB Auditorium)
2A (until 10:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
09:45 Study of core-collapse supernovae: nuclear physics inputs for a new NSE modeling. - Simon Giraud (GANIL)   (FRIB Auditorium)
2A (until 10:15) (FRIB Auditorium)
10:00 Prehistoric Supernovae: unearthing radioactive $^{60}$Fe from near-Earth supernovae in lunar and oceanic samples - Adrienne Ertel   (FRIB Auditorium)
2A (until 10:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
10:15 A single fluid bubble chamber for measuring nuclear reaction rates of astrophysical importance. - David Neto (University of Illinois at Chicago)   (FRIB Auditorium)
10:30 --- Coffee ---
2B (until 11:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
11:00 Observational Astronomy: MINBAR and X-ray burst observation results - Duncan Galloway (Monash University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
2B (until 11:45) (FRIB Auditorium)
11:30 Direct measurement of ($\alpha$,p) and ($\alpha$,n) reaction rates relevant for nuclear astrophysics - Melina Avila (Argonne National Laboratory)   (FRIB Auditorium)
2B (until 12:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
11:45 Fusion Reactions with $^{16}$C for Understanding X-ray Superbursts - Ashley Hood (Louisiana State University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
08:00 --- Registration and Coffee ---
3A (until 09:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
09:00 Thermonuclear reactions probed at stellar core conditions with laser-based inertial confinement fusion - N.B. Meezan (LLNL) J. Salmonson (LLNL) S. LePape (LLNL) S.F. Khan (LLNL) M. Chiarappa-Zucca (LLNL) D. Dearborn (LLNL) C.B. Yeamans (LLNL) D.M. Holunga (LLNL) G.A. Kyrala (LANL) T.R. Kohut (LLNL) B.A. Remington (LLNL) V. A. Smalyuk (LLNL) D.T. Casey C.R. Weber (LLNL) L. Berzak-Hopkins (LLNL) J. E. Pino (LLNL) A. Zylstra (LLNL) T. Ma (LLNL) B.K. Spears (LLNL) A. Pak (LLNL) L. Divol (LLNL) D.P. McNabb (LLNL) L.R. Benedetti (LLNL) J. Caggiano (LLNL) J.M. McNaney (LLNL) S. MacLaren (LLNL) J.A. Frenje (MIT) D.B. Sayre (LLNL) M. Hohenberger (LLNL) M. Gatu-Johnson (MIT) C. Brune (Ohio University) T.G. Parham (LLNL) R.E. Tipton (LLNL) N. Izumi (LLNL) G.P. Grim (LLNL) R. Hatarik (LLNL)   (FRIB Auditorium)
3A (until 09:45) (FRIB Auditorium)
09:30 New measurement of 12C+12C fusion with particle-gamma coincidence technique - W Tan (University of Notre Dame)   (FRIB Auditorium)
3A (until 10:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
09:45 Evolution of Metallicity in the Early Universe - Benoit Côté   (FRIB Auditorium)
3A (until 10:15) (FRIB Auditorium)
10:00 $(\alpha,\gamma)$ Cross Section Measurements in the A=100 Mass Range - Beka Kelmar (University of Notre Dame)   (FRIB Auditorium)
3A (until 10:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
10:15 Recent studies using the activation method - Zsolt Fulop (MTA Atomki, Debrecen, Hungary)   (FRIB Auditorium)
10:30 --- Coffee ---
3B (until 11:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
3B (until 12:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
12:00 --- Lunch with Panelists ---
J1B (until 14:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
J1B (until 14:15) (FRIB Auditorium)
14:00 Investigating the impact of reaction rate uncertainties on $^{44}$Ti and $^{56}$Ni production in shock driven nucleosynthesis of core-collapse supernovae - Mr Shiv K Subedi (Ohio University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
J1B (until 14:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
14:15 Measurement of the $^{15}$O($\alpha$,$\gamma$)$^{19}$Ne branching ratio - Stefania Dede (Texas A&M University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
J1B (until 14:45) (FRIB Auditorium)
14:30 Measurement of the $^{14}$N(p,$\gamma$)$^{15}$O CNO cycle reaction at CASPAR - Bryce Frentz (University of Notre Dame)   (FRIB Auditorium)
J1B (until 15:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
14:45 Studies of Beta-Delayed Neutron Emission using Trapped Ions - Kevin Siegl (University of Notre Dame)   (FRIB Auditorium)
15:00 --- Coffee ---
J1C (until 16:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
J1C (until 17:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
J1C (until 17:15) (FRIB Auditorium)
17:00 Nuclear Energy Generation in Thermonuclear (Type I) X-ray Bursts - Adelle Goodwin (Monash University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
J1C (until 17:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
17:15 Contribution of meteoritic material to the terrestrial $^{60}$Fe supernova signal - Jesse Miller (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   (FRIB Auditorium)
J1C (until 17:45) (FRIB Auditorium)
17:30 Constraining $^{30}$P(p,$\gamma$)$^{31}$S to understand nova nucleosynthesis by measuring $\beta$-delayed protons - Tamas Budner (Michigan State University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
J1C (until 18:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
17:45 Experimental constraint on symmetry energy at high density -- Recent results on pion analysis of Sn+Sn collisions - Dr Genie Jhang (NSCL)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:00 --- Junior Researchers Social Dinner ---
12:00 --- Lunch with Panelists ---
J2B (until 16:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
J2B (until 16:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
J2B (until 16:45) (FRIB Auditorium)
16:30 Depth and Mass of a Neutron Star Crust - Lauren Balliet (Texas A&M University-Commerce)   (FRIB Auditorium)
J2B (until 17:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
16:45 Digging Deeper into the Properties of a Cooling Neutron Star's Crust - Michael Ross (Texas A&M University - Commerce)   (FRIB Auditorium)
J2B (until 17:15) (FRIB Auditorium)
17:00 The Epoch of Crust Replacement and Hybrid Crusts on Accreting Neutron Stars - Matthew Caplan (McGill University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
J2B (until 17:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
17:15 The impact of reaction rates on X-ray burst models - Adam Jacobs (Michigan State University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
17:30 --- Coffee ---
J2B (until 18:45) (FRIB Auditorium)
1B (until 12:15) (FRIB Auditorium)
12:00 Constraining (n,$\gamma$) cross sections near the r process path with (d,p$\gamma$) reactions and GODDESS - Heather Garland (Rutgers University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
1B (until 12:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
12:15 Fission in the r-process - Matthew Mumpower (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (FRIB Auditorium)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
1D (until 15:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
14:30 Exploring Stars from Deep Underground - Marialuisa Aliotta (University of Edinburgh)   (FRIB Auditorium)
1D (until 15:15) (FRIB Auditorium)
15:00 Measurement of the $^{13}\mathrm{C}(d,n)^{14}\mathrm{N}$ Reaction - A Beam-Induced Background Reaction in Underground Nuclear Astrophysics Measurements - Chad Ummel (Rutgers University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
1D (until 15:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
15:15 The $\nu$ process with fully time-dependent supernova neutrino emission spectra - Andre Sieverding (University of Minnesota)   (FRIB Auditorium)
1D (until 15:45) (FRIB Auditorium)
15:30 The first radioactive capture measurement using the St George recoil separator has been performed at the University of Notre Dame - Chris Seymour (University of Notre Dame)   (FRIB Auditorium)
1D (until 16:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
15:45 Mapping Galactic Evolution Parameters in Chemical Abundance Ratio Distribution Space - Duane Lee (MIT)   (FRIB Auditorium)
16:00 --- Coffee ---
1C (until 17:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
16:30 First-star nucleosynthetic imprints in the Milky Way and its satellite dwarf galaxies - Jinmi Yoon (University of Notre Dame)   (FRIB Auditorium)
Poster Session (until 18:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
17:00 Sandblasting The R-Process: Spallation Of The R-Process Nuclei Ejected From A NSNS Event - Xilu Wang (University of Notre Dame)   (FRIB Auditorium)
17:20 Cross Section Measurements of $^{84}$Kr(p,$\gamma$)$^{85}$Rb - Alicia Palmisano (NSCL/MSU)   (FRIB Auditorium)
17:40 More money, more problems: Store bought aluminum foil out performs research-grade products as a nuclear reaction target and gas-cell window - Kristyn Brandenburg (Ohio University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
17:55 Preliminary cross section measurements of the $^{24}$Mg($\alpha$,p)$^{27}$Al and $^{27}$Al(p,$\alpha$)$^{24}$Mg reactions with HAGRiD - Sebastian Aguilar (University of Notre Dame)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Beta-decay experiment in the mass region A = 100 for rapid neutron capture nucleosynthesis process - Neerajan Nepal (Central Michigan University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Bulk viscosity in neutrino-transparent nuclear matter - Mr Steven Harris (Washington University in St. Louis)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Characterization of a 6Li-enhanced CLYC detector - Justin Warren (Ohio University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Charge State Measurements of $^{19}$F for $^{14}$N$(\alpha , \gamma)^{18}$F Recoils using St. George Recoil Mass Separator - Mr Shane Moylan (University of Notre Dame)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Chemical Abundance Signature of J0023+0307: A Second-generation Main-sequence Star with [Fe/H] < ‑6 - Anna Frebel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Chemical characterization of the Tucana II, Tucana III, and Sagittarius II dwarf galaxies using SkyMapper photometry - Anirudh Chiti (MIT)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Core-collapse supernovae simulations: the NDL code and turbulent convection in General Relativity - Mr Luca Boccioli (University of Notre Dame)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Doppler Broadening in $^{20}$Mg($\beta p\gamma$)$^{19}$Ne Decay - Brent Glassman (NSCL - MSU)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Doppler Shift Lifetime measurements to constrain the $^{30}$P($p,\gamma$)$^{31}$S rate in classical novae - Cathleen Fry (LANL)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Elastic Scattering Measurements Relevant to $^{7}$Be and $^{8}$B solar neutrinos - SOM PANERU (Ohio University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Evolution Of Redback and Black Widow Star Systems - Jared Newton (Indiana University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Identification of unstable isotopes with (n,$\gamma$) reaction rate uncertainties having the strongest impact on the weak i-process abundances in the star HD94028 - Pavel Denisenkov (University of Victoria)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Measurement of $^{11}$B($\alpha$,$n$)$^{14}$N for $E_{\alpha,Lab}=0.3-0.65$ MeV at CASPAR - August Gula (The University of Notre Dame)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Measuring $^{13}$C($\alpha$,$n$) in Inverse Kinematics: A Preliminary Investigation - Yenuel Jones-Alberty (Ohio University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Measuring $^{13}$C($\alpha$,n) in Inverse Kinematics: A Preliminary Investigation - Yenuel Jones-Alberty (Ohio University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Neutrino-driven wind in the Core-Collapse Super-Novae and ($\alpha$,xn) measurements with HABANERO. - Nabin Rijal (JINA-CEE, NSCL, Michigan State University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Neutron Evaporation Spectra Reveals the Level Density for $^{60}$Zn - Doug Soltesz (Ohio University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Offline Commissioning of the University of Notre Dame Multi-Reflection Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer - Biying Liu (University of Notre Dame)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Preliminary measurement of $^{14}$N$(\alpha , \gamma)^{18}$F recoils with St. George recoil mass separator - Luis Morales (University of Notre Dame)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 r-process Literature Search Project - Pranav Nalamwar (Michigan State University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 r-process star clusters and their progenitors - Dmitrii Gudin (University of Notre Dame)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Re-examining spallation in the atmosphere of accreting neutron stars - Jaspreet Singh Randhawa (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Remaining issues with $^7$Li($\alpha$,$\gamma$)$^{11}$B at $\nu$-process relevant temperatures - Dr Gwenaelle Gilardy (Rutgers University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Resolving the Resonance Conflict in the $^{18}$Ne($\alpha$,p) Reaction Rate - Irin Sultana (Ohio University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Secondary gamma-ray cross section measurements for a variety of astrophysics applications - R deBoer (University of Notre Dame)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Sensitivity Studies for Nucleosynthesis in Core-Collapse Supernovae - Kirby Hermansen (Michigan State University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 The ($d$,$^{2}$He) reaction in inverse kinematics as a ($n$,$p$)-type charge-exchange probe for unstable nuclei. - Alex Carls (MSU/NSCL)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 The Origins of Highly r-Process-Enhanced Halo Stars in Now-Destroyed Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxies - Kaley Brauer (MIT)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 Wave-Function Amplitude Analysis of the 5He Resonance in the TT Neutron Spectrum - Ms Zaarah Mohamed (Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 X-ray burst model input from first direct cross section measurement of $^{56}$Ni($\alpha$,p)$^{59}$Cu - Louis Wagner (Michigan State University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
18:10 X-ray bursts sensitivity study for hydrogen and helium rich material - Alfredo Estrade (Central Michigan University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
2B (until 12:15) (FRIB Auditorium)
12:00 First direct measurement of $^{22}$Mg($\alpha$,p)$^{25}$Al reaction rate to contrain the X-ray burst light curves - Jaspreet Singh Randhawa (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
2B (until 12:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
12:15 Extension and application of the Particle X-ray Coincidence Technique to X-ray burst reaction rates - Lijie Sun (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
2C (until 14:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
14:00 The role of low-density gas in redistributing the heavy elements: Insights from the FOGGIE (Figuring Out Gas & Galaxies In Enzo) Simulations - Molly Peeples (Space Telescope Science Institute)   (FRIB Auditorium)
2C (until 14:45) (FRIB Auditorium)
14:30 Effective mass constraints from heavy-ion collisions - Kyle Brown (NSCL/MSU)   (FRIB Auditorium)
2C (until 15:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
14:45 Actinide-Rich or Actinide-Poor, Same r-Process Progenitor - Erika Holmbeck (University of Notre Dame)   (FRIB Auditorium)
2C (until 15:15) (FRIB Auditorium)
15:00 Simulations of nuclear pasta at quantum and mesoscales - William Newton (Texas A&M University-Commerce)   (FRIB Auditorium)
2C (until 15:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
15:15 Detectability of "diffuse" neutrinos from binary compact object mergers - Dr Zidu Lin (Arizona State University)   (FRIB Auditorium)
15:30 --- Coffee ---
2D (until 16:30) (FRIB Auditorium)
16:00 Fundamentals of the Fisk-Vanderbilt Master’s to PhD Bridge Program - Dina Myers Stroud (Fisk Vanderbilt Masters-to-PhD Bridge Program)   (FRIB Auditorium)
Unconference (until 17:15) (FRIB Auditorium)
Unconference (until 18:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
18:00 --- Banquet Dinner ---
12:00 --- Lunch ---
Lab Tours (until 16:00) (FRIB Auditorium)
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